Couple down to their last dime

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Someone reported a man and a woman engaging in suspicious activity in a parking lot in Columbia Falls. They were searching for a dime so they could gamble.

When a woman arrived home, she found a made-up bed, backpack and personal belongings in her garage, which led her to believe someone was staying there.

Someone reported to the Kalispell Police Department that the neighbor left her sprinkler running all night and it flooded the yard. The caller said she didnít want to make contact with her because she wasnít very nice. The caller wanted an officer to talk to the woman. The caller later said she had talked to the woman and she said she had forgot to turn the sprinkler off.

Someone reported that three huskies were roaming Third Street and they nearly caused a traffic accident. When an officer arrived, the owner was loading them in the vehicle.

A caller said someone took the license plates off her Olds Cutlass Supreme. The person said a neighbor found their rear plate in the street, too. She called back the next day to report that her plate wasnít actually missing, but it was hanging half off.

A person said a man came to his home to get some pills he had left behind and refused to leave after he was asked to do so. The man was sitting in the callerís driveway honking the horn. He later left after police arrived.

A mother home alone with her children reported that someone rang her door bell and she didnít feel safe. She asked for an officer to drive through the area. When one did, he informed her that her garage door was open. She closed it.

A woman said she saw a black bear cub in the neighborhood and was worried about her kids because they were waiting for the school bus. Officers were in the area, but didnít see it.

A storage yard employee reported someone broke in and stole a lot of tools.

A two-year-old child grabbed her motherís phone and dialed 911 by mistake.

The manager of a motel wanted a man removed from the building because he ďwas high as a kite and hitting on the housekeepers.Ē

An employee at a gas station reported receiving a counterfeit $10 bill. He wasnít sure who passed it and turned the phony money over to the bank.

A woman reported that her soon-to-be ex-husband continued to open her mail. She said it has happened for a decade. She said she called because they will be soon divorced.

Someone reported that a person broke into her car and stole some checks.

A person reported a bear eating out of her birdfeeder. She didnít want anything done, but just wanted police to be aware. It was last seen on the golf course where some golfers chased it away while riding in their cart.

A woman was told to stop scavenging in the Salvation Army dumpster.

A person who was cleaning the bathrooms found needles and saw that people had been standing on the toilet and removing the vents.

Someone with a local news outlet had tried to call Tennessee and accidentally dialed 911.

A woman said when she tried to get into her car, she found a man sleeping inside who wasnít supposed to be there. An officer arrived and took him into custody on two warrants.

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