Just another day on Stoner Loop

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A woman called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report her 15-year-old son was smoking pot in the backyard with a 14-year-old friend at a residence on Stoner Loop in Lakeside. She said she could smell it when she arrived home.

A man reported that he needed help freeing a fawn that was stuck between two trees after it kicked him. The man said he had to leave to pick up his kids. An animal control officer later freed the deer.

A man reported a large Malamute-type dog had killed three of his free-range chickens. One bird was still missing. The dog marked the occasion by curling up and taking a nap in the yard where the dirty deed was committed. The man wasn’t pleased, saying “I could just shoot it.” But he chose against pressing charges.

A driver reported a man was out in the middle of the road flipping her off. She said she believes the man was upset because she was driving the speed limit.

A timber company agent reported that a hunter became aggressive with him, which may result in the hunter being refused from there.

Two people called to report a black cat with a white face that was stuck at the top of a power pole for a few days. One of the people left food for the kitty at the bottom of the pole.

A 2-year-old border collie named “Smokey” was bit in the throat by a skunk, according to a man who later shot the pungent beast. The dog was current with its shots and its owner was going to bring the dog in for a rabies booster.

An employee with a golf course found counterfeit bills when he went through receipts from the previous day.

A Neopolitan mastiff owned by a Whitefish woman bit a friend of her family. The dog is current on its shots, but was ordered to spend 10 days in canine custody.

A road rager in a green Chevy Trailblazer threw a bunch of rocks at another vehicle before passing it in a no passing zone on the U.S. 93 bypass. The rager also offered the “bird” to the other driver.

A caller said he nearly hit a skateboarder dressed in black while the young man rode back and forth across the road near Ashley Lake.

Someone said there was a horse running free down the middle of Highway 206 near the Silver Bullet near Columbia Falls. It eventually ran off to the side of the road.

A worker reported having video footage of a van backing into the camera at about 4 a.m. It punched a hole into the gas tank and the driver took some gas from one of the vans parked at the facility.

It’s undoubtably election season, after a person reported an unknown individual had removed political signs from a property where he had permission to put them up. The caller said he was going to put a trail camera in place to see if he could determine who took the signs.

A man reported some “druggies” that occupied a camp at the end of a dead-end, forest service road near Marion. A camper was at the scene and there was reportedly garbage scattered all over the place. A concerned citizen reported a driver who was reportedly texting and driving all over the road. The caller could be heard by a dispatcher yelling at the reckless driver, but advised her against doing that.

Someone reported two high school age females were exposing themselves while they sat on the roof of a small, black SUV. An officer didn’t find the alleged flashers.

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