Juvenile sidesteps scary, but tethered, German shepherd

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A 12-year-old boy attempting to cross a street in Kalispell said a German shepherd owned by a transient man tried to attack him. The good news was the dog was tied up and had limited mobility, according to the Kalispell Police Department.

Someone called to ask what she should do with the possessions of a transient person who had been gone for a week.

A person found some pills in a little Ziploc bag in one of the changing rooms at a local store. An officer picked them up and they are scheduled for destruction.

Someone said his son was stabbed in the stomach with a long skinny knife. The suspect reportedly had a criminal past. The victim was taken to the hospital; officers arrested the suspect and secured the scene with crime tape.

Two fire alarms went off in a living room, but it happened because of excessive steam from a shower.

Someone caused $2,000 worth of damage in a room.

The mother of a 39-year-old methamphetamine user called because he was trying to break into her home. Apparently his vehicle had broken down and he was sent on his way.

First responders were called to a Columbia Falls residence for an apparent heroin overdose. The 30-year-old man was a confirmed heroin user and police requested medical personnel bring NARCAN in an attempt to reverse the episode. Efforts to revive him were reportedly unsuccessful, according to the Columbia Falls Police Department.

A grandmother called because her 13-year-old granddaughter was being cyber-bullied by a classmate. The victim said her bullier made a profile on a social media site and had sent things about her that weren’t true.

A caller complained about noise emanating from a bowling alley. An officer made contact and the music lover said he would turn down the tunes.

A well-known homeless man with a blue blanket draped over him walked right in front of a vehicle and was nearly hit. According to police, he received several items from the department, but an officer said they would keep an eye out for him and check on him.

Another well-known man from the Hungry Horse area stole steaks from a store and sold two of the four-packs of meat to a tavern. The store manager said she’d call when video footage was available.

Mistaken 911 calls have no apparent limit, as a woman at her child’s daycare center said she didn’t know how it happened. She thought she may have hit a button. Another call was from a man who said he hit the SOS button while he was at a hotel.

A person said there was a man passed out in a car. An officer determined the man was just sleeping it off.

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