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Op-Ed Budget for Friday, July 12, 2019

Updated at 4:30 a.m. EDT (0830 UTC)

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^Commentary: Why the pay gap between women's and men's soccer?<


That seems unfair, so what gives?

750 by Rachel Greszler. MOVED


^Commentary: The GOP's nightmare scenario is playing out in its Obamacare lawsuit<


A three-judge panel of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans took up the case of Texas vs. Azar on Tuesday, with two of the three jurists suggesting strongly that a now-neutered provision of the law _ the mandate that adult Americans obtain insurance coverage _ was unconstitutional. So much for the hope that a more senior appeals panel would summarily reject the bizarre lower-court ruling that threw out the entire ACA.

700 by Jon Healey. MOVED


^Commentary: We need a new Iran, not a new nuclear agreement<


850 by Alireza Nader. MOVED


^Commentary: The NCAA deserves its greedy reputation. Expanding athletic scholarships could change that<


It's easy to see why. The NCAA now rakes in a billion dollars a year, but for players it may as well be the 1950s, when the governing body for college sports coined the term "student-athlete" in a bid to fight insurance claims.

By recently creating a group to study the issue of letting players profit from the use of their names and likenesses, the NCAA may be finally willing to address this historical income inequity while sticking to the amateur model _ meaning the players wouldn't receive salaries.

950 by John Affleck. MOVED


^Commentary: Taxing tampons isn't just unfair: It's unconstitutional<


850 by Erwin Chemerinsky And Jennifer Weiss-Wolf. MOVED


^Commentary: Animals suffer and die when shelters put out the 'unwelcome' mat<


700 by Teresa Chagrin. MOVED



^Michael Hiltzik: Trump's vaunted kidney initiative depends on Obamacare, which he's trying to kill<


Only one problem. Trump's plan depends on the Affordable Care Act, which he is trying to kill.

950 by Michael Hiltzik. MOVED


^Martin Schram: Raise your hands if you want better debates<


Shockingly, Trump loved it even though he didn't see his own face anywhere on the screen. What he saw was that the Democratic presidential hopefuls had just given him a gift in the form of a freeze-frame photo that's guaranteed to keep on giving. You'll see it many times more in social media shares, video punditry and even old-fashioned TV campaign ads.

800 by Martin Schram. MOVED


^Ann McFeatters: Trump is just one of those men who seems to have it in for women<

MCFEATTERS-COLUMN:MCT _ Of course, the president was going to permit a strip club to host a tournament at one of his golf clubs, Trump Doral. Only after bad publicity did the club itself pull out.

Trump is just one of those men who seems to have it in for women.

750 by Ann McFeatters in Washington. MOVED


^Carl P. Leubsdorf: Switch away from caucuses is trouble for Bernie's campaign<


But Sanders faces a third, less noticed danger sign. It's the fact that, with Maine's recent decision to switch from caucuses to a primary, the Vermont senator will face an electoral landscape far different from the one four years ago in which he took advantage of rather modest turnouts of liberal activists to win virtually every caucus state.

800 by Carl P. Leubsdorf. MOVED


^Cynthia M. Allen: Neither side is telling you the full story about the immigration mess at the border<


700 by Cynthia M. Allen. MOVED


^Dahleen Glanton: Donald Trump could pose the greatest threat to America. But his enabler, Mitch McConnell, is a close second.<


As the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell has been among Trump's most adept enablers. Without McConnell, Trump's first three years in office would have been indisputably deemed a colossal failure. In fact, the president might have been impeached by now.

950 by Dahleen Glanton. MOVED


^Christine M. Flowers: The Jeffrey Epstein case shines a light on true abuse<


Instead, Malala survived. She became a symbol of fierce and principled defiance in the face of an oppressive regime, a true patriarchy.

That column garnered a lot of criticism, because my central point was that women in this country did not understand what true persecution looked like.

750 by Christine M. Flowers. MOVED


^Andres Oppenheimer: After UN report on Maduro's mass murders, region's leaders can no longer stay silent<


So why are so many self-proclaimed human-rights champions remaining silent about it?

850 by Andres Oppenheimer. MOVED


^Leonard Pitts Jr.: Failure to stand up for the truth, suggests not an open mind but an empty one<


It happened on July 27, 1942, at the fence of the Jewish ghetto in Przemysl, Poland. Buzhminski was watching from hiding as an SS man named Kidash seized a Jewish woman and her 18-month-old son. "She held the baby in her arms," Buzhminski said, "and began asking for mercy that she be shot first and leave the baby alive.

"From behind the fence," he continued, "there were Poles who raised their hands ready to catch the baby. She was about to hand the baby over to the Poles. He took the baby from her arms and shot her twice and then took the baby into his hands and tore him as one would tear a rag."

That's just one story _ one wrenching, awful story. There are 6 million more like it _ 11 million if you count beyond the Jewish victims.

Understand that and you understand the fury over William Latson. He was the principal of Spanish River Community High School in Boca Raton who, in April 2018, had a just-revealed email exchange with an unidentified mother about the Holocaust.

800 by Leonard Pitts Jr.. MOVED

^Jonah Goldberg: The real danger of categorical politics<


850 by Jonah Goldberg. MOVED

^Mary Sanchez: We must address the mixed messages our country is sending to women and girls<


The one that has wholeheartedly celebrated the outstanding athleticism, the steely grace and unshakable comradery of sisterhood that is the U.S. women's soccer team?

Those are the uplifting headlines to female empowerment. They're the easy ones to absorb.

But another image of how some of America's most powerful men regard women and girls was also unfolding as the team made their remarkable run, winning their fourth World Cup. And that image is deeply disturbing.

800 by Mary Sanchez. MOVED

^Jules Witcover: Democrats need broader mission than just beating Trump<

WITCOVER-COLUMN:MCT _ The obvious unifying element for Democrats looking ahead to the 2020 presidential election is their imperative to oust Donald Trump from the Oval Office. They desire it for a multitude of reasons, starting with his glaring incompetence for the job and the rampant corruption in his regime.

750 by Jules Witcover in Washington. MOVED



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^Editorial: Losing his census: Trump makes the right choice, after an exhausting and unnecessary fight<


300. MOVED


^Editorial: Who mishandled the Jeffrey Epstein case? Everyone<


700 by The Times Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: A real cop-out: Police and the DA point fingers about a failure to require Jeffrey Epstein to check in with New York authorities<


250 . MOVED


^Editorial: Alex Acosta offers lame defense of his handling of Epstein sex abuse case<


850 . MOVED


^Editorial: Don't be a twit: Politicians who use their Twitter account for official purposes can't block followers<


Having followed him into the White House, that private-citizen account has morphed into an official communications channel. He routinely announces personnel and policy decisions there. And he does it not only with his own two plump thumbs, but with aid of on-the-clock government staffers.

250. MOVED


^Editorial: Mass shooters give hints before they explode. The rest of us can cautiously work with that.<


600 . MOVED




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