Legals August 9, 2019

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No. 26405 BNSF Railway Company Former Tie Treating Plant Somers, Montana COMMUNITY MEETING Please Join Us! August 14, 2019 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, and BNSF Railway Company will hold a PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING with a presentation and discussion of the ongoing and future activities at the Former Tie Treating Plant. Join us to learn more about the cleanup, groundwater monitoring and future plans to address the remaining environmental conditions. Somers Volunteer Fire Department 27 Leslie Ave Somers, MT 59932 Information Repositories EPA Superfund Records Center; 10 West 15th Street; Suite-3200 Helena, MT 1-866-457-2690 (toll free) Hours: M-F, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. August 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 2019 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 26373 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING On Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 1:00 PM, a Public Hearing will be held in Room (207) of the Sanders Building, at 111 North Sanders in Helena, for the purpose of receiving comments on the draft Department of Public Health and Human Services "2020/2021 Community Services Block Grant State Plan". The public may attend via a conference call by dialing 1-406-444-4647, using the access code 854983. Draft copies of the proposed application will be available upon request at the Department of Public Health and Human Services, Intergovernmental Human Services Bureau, 1400 Carter Drive, P.O. Box 202956, Helena, MT 59620-2956 on Monday, August 5, 2019. Written comments must be received by 5:00 PM, Wednesday, August 14, 2019. August 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 2019 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 26411 Notification of Opportunity to Object Taylor Hellroaring Project USDA Forest Service Flathead National Forest Tally Lake Ranger District Flathead County, Montana The Tally Lake Ranger District of the Flathead National Forest announces the release of an updated environmental assessment, response to comments, finding of no significant impact, and draft decision notice for the Taylor Hellroaring Project. These documents are available online at The publication of this legal notice also initiates the forty-five day objection period for this project. The selected alternative includes proposed vegetation and recreation management activities. The project is implementing the 2018 Flathead National Forest Land Management Plan, is not authorized under the Healthy Forests Restoration Act, and is subject to subparts A and B of 36 CFR 218. The responsible official is the Flathead National Forest Supervisor, Chip Weber. This decision is subject to objection pursuant to 36 CFR 218, "Project- Level Pre-Decisional Administrative Review Process." This project implements an existing land management plan and is subject to 218 subparts A and B. Objections, including attachments, must be in writing and filed (regular mail, fax, e-mail, hand-delivery, express delivery, or messenger service) with the reviewing officer (218.8) within forty-five days of the date of publication of the legal notice announcing the opportunity to object in the Daily Inter Lake. The publication date of the legal notice in the newspaper of record is the exclusive means for calculating the time to file an objection (218.6(c)). Those wishing to object should not rely upon dates or timeframe information provided by any other source. It is the objector's responsibility to ensure timely filing (218.9). Only those who submitted timely, specific written comments during the formal comment period may file an objection (218.5(a)). Issues raised in objections must be based on previously submitted specific written comments regarding the proposed project or activity and attributed to the objector, unless the issue is based on new information that arose after the opportunities to comment (218.8(c)). Objections must meet content requirements of 218.8(d), including objector's name and address, signature or verification of authorship, identification of the project, and a description of those aspects of the project addressed by the objection, including specific issues, suggested remedies, and supporting reasons for the reviewing officer to consider. Any decision on this project will not be appealable under 215.11 or any other authority. The objection shall be sent to: Objection Reviewing Officer USDA Forest Service, Northern Region 26 Fort Missoula Road Missoula, MT 59804 Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, excluding Federal holidays. Objections can be faxed to the Objection Reviewing Officer at 406-329-3411. The fax coversheet shall include a subject line with "Taylor Hellroaring Project Objection" and should specify the number of pages being submitted. Electronic objections must be submitted to the Objection Reviewing Officer via email to appeals-northern-re with "Taylor Hellroaring Project Objection" in the subject line. Electronic submissions must be submitted in a format that is readable with optical character recognition software (e.g. Word, PDF, Rich Text) and be searchable. An automated response should confirm your electronic objection has been received. For more information, please contact Tami MacKenzie, project leader, at 406-758-3508 or, or the district office at 406-758-5204. To be published in the Daily Inter Lake on August 9, 2019 Billing: Region 1 - ACE Attn: Oscar Rubio or Andrea Haines Building 24, Fort Missoula Missoula, MT 59804 (406) 329-1033 (866) 621-3793 Fax (406) 329-1046 August 9, 2019 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 26414 INVITATION TO BID Notice is hereby given that the Flathead County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) will receive bids for the reconstruction of the Gateway Community Center East Parking Improvements project in Kalispell, Montana. The project generally consists of demolishing and reconstructing the approximate 54,000 sf paved parking lot and associated cubs, sidewalk, stormwater system, landscape, and irrigation system. The contract documents, consisting of drawings and the project manual, may be examined or obtained at the office of Jackola Engineering and Architecture, PC, 2250 Hwy 93 South, Kalispell MT 59901. A non-refundable deposit of $75.00 per set is required. An additional non-refundable payment of $50.00 is required for documents sent by express mail. Each bidder must deposit with his/her bid, a bid security in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the bid. Bid security shall be payable to the Flathead County Economic Development Authority and shall be in the form of lawful money of the United States, a cashier's check, certified check, bank money order, or bank draft issued by a banking corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Montana, or bid bond executed by a surety corporation authorized to do business in Montana. No bidder may withdraw a bid after the actual date of the opening thereof. The selected bidder will, within 15 days, enter into a formal contract for the completion of the project. A Performance Bond and Labor and Materials Payment Bond each in the amount of One Hundred percent (100%) of the contract sum will be required of the successful bidder, to secure the contractor's covenant to faithfully perform all of the conditions of the contract in accordance with the law and that contract. The successful bidder will also be required to provide current proof of Worker's Compensation insurance and/or an independent contractor certification from the State, and General Liability and Automobile insurance policies, with FCEDA as an additional insured as listed in the documents. The successful bidder must contract to pay prevailing wage rates, set by the Montana Department of Labor, and will be subject to withholding of 1% of all payments for transmittal to the Department of Revenue to pay the public contract tax. The Contractor and all subcontractors will be required to have a certificate of registration from the Montana Department of Labor and Industry in the proper classification prior to bidding this project. The successful bidder must contract to give preference to the employment of bona fide residents of Montana in the performance of the work pursuant to MCA Section 18-1-102. A resident bidder will be allowed a preference against the bid of any nonresident bidder from any state or country that enforces a preference for resident bidders equal to the preference given in the other state or country. There will be a pre-bid meeting held on-site, at 1203 US Hwy 2 West, Kalispell, MT on August 13th at 2:00pm MST. Contractors are to meet near the intersection of Glenwood Drive and Husky Street. All sealed bids, plainly marked "Gateway Community Center East Parking Improvements", must be received by 2:00pm MST on August 22nd, 2019 by Jackola, 2250 Hwy 93 South, Kalispell, MT 59901. Bids will be opened and read aloud shortly thereafter. FCEDA reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and to waive any irregularities which are deemed to be in the best interest of FCEDA. The award of bid will be made solely by the issuance of a letter of award to the successful bidder by FCEDA. END OF INVITATION TO BID August 9, 16, 2019 MNAXLP _________________________

No. 26395 PUBLIC OPPORTUNITY TO PROTEST ONE ORIGINAL NEW MONTANA ALL-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES LICENSE Hillside Pub and Grub, LLC (Members: Ronda Kay Mosher, Joseph C. Curtis) has applied for One Original New Montana All-Alcoholic Beverages with Catering Endorsement License No. 07-999-2398-002 to be operated at Hillside Pub & Grub, 7950 Montana Highway 35, Bigfork, Flathead County. The public may protest this new license in accordance with the law. Who can protest this transfer? Protests will be accepted from residents of the county of the proposed location (Flathead), residents of adjoining Montana counties (Lincoln, Glacier, Pondera, Teton, Lewis & Clark, Powell, Lake, Sanders), and residents of adjoining counties in another state if the criteria in 16-4-207(4)(d), Montana Code Annotated (MCA), are met. What information must be included? Protest letters must be legible and contain (1) the protestor's full name, mailing address, and street address; (2) the license number (07-999-2398-002) and the applicant's name (Hillside Pub and Grub, LLC); (3) an indication that the letter is intended as a protest; (4) a description of the grounds for protesting; and (5) the protestor's signature. A letter with multiple signatures will be considered one protest letter. What are valid protest grounds? The protest may be based on the applicant's qualifications listed in 16-4-401, MCA, or the grounds for denial of an application in 16-4-405, MCA. Examples of valid protest grounds include: (1) the applicant is unlikely to operate the establishment in compliance with the law; (2) the proposed location cannot be properly policed by local authorities; and (3) the welfare of the people in the vicinity of the proposed location will be adversely and seriously affected. How are protests submitted? Protests must be postmarked to the Department of Revenue, Office of Dispute Resolution, P.O. Box 5805, Helena, Montana 59604-5805 on or before September 2, 2019. What happens if the transfer is p rotested? Depending on the number of protests and the protest grounds, a public hearing will be held in Helena or Bigfork. All valid protestors will be notified of the hearing's time, date and location. Hearings typically are scheduled within 90 days. A protester's hearing testimony is limited to the grounds in the protester's letter. Following the hearing, the Department of Revenue will notify the public whether the license transfer is approved or denied. How can additional information be obtained? The cited MCA statutes are online at Questions may be directed to Patty Kautz, Compliance Specialist for the Department of Revenue's Alcoholic Beverage Control Division, at (406) 444-0017 or August 2, 9, 16, 23, 2019 MNAXLP __________________________

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