Rowdy clowns back in town

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If it’s fall, then it’s time for clown sightings. Someone reported to the Kalispell Police Department that there were several teenagers running around with a clown mask on. He said they were approaching cars and acting rudely.

An accidental 911 call resulted when a woman spilled soda on her phone and tried to mop it up.

A person reported that he saw a drug deal between two young men, including one who was bald and had tattoos. When an officer arrived, he learned that one of the men had vacuumed his car before washing it.

A man who had a chainsaw stolen reported that he found it at a pawn shop. He called back to report that a person had been arrested in connection with the crime.

Another man said his girlfriend found an engagement ring at another pawn shop. He had bought the set and had it stolen from his truck last November. He was told to pick it up.

A woman reported she nearly hit a man on a bike while she was driving. She said it was after dark and he was wearing a camouflage jacket when he rode right out in front of her.

A caller went into a bathroom and discovered a heavily intoxicated woman who was on the floor and couldn’t get up. She said the woman was in her 20s and couldn’t move.

A caller reported a barking beagle puppy that was outside. When an officer arrived, the dog was inside but he could hear it inside the residence.

Someone was cutting grass and found a needle in front of his neighbor’s home. He said it was dirty and he didn’t want to touch it. The caller said his child plays in the area and that they live across from a school. An officer arrived and collected the needle so it could be destroyed.

A person reported that someone wrote bad language on her vehicle window. She said it was an ongoing issue with a tenant. The person was waiting by her car when an officer arrived and determined there was no damage. He did notify the woman on how she could apply for a temporary restraining order.

A caller said he ready in the Daily Inter Lake about a green BMX bike that was reported stolen. He believes he saw it on the railroad crossing on the east side of town. An officer later collected the bike.

Someone called 911 to report a boy walking up the street and he appeared to be talking to himself. The caller said the boy ran, then walked while he talked to himself. When an officer checked, he learned the boy was fine and was just passing the time while he walked.

A woman reported finding a glass pipe in her daughter’s room and that she had also sneaked out of her room the previous night. The woman said the daughter refused to go to school. When law officers responded they collected the pipe and talked with the daughter and her mom.

A person came to the police department to report a suitcase that was sitting in the park for three days. He was concerned that something may have happened to her. When an officer checked, he found the suitcase in a pavilion and it was filled with food.

A man called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report someone had stolen his tent while he was in the Paola Creek area.

A caller found three needles at a Columbia Falls location. A deputy spoke to the person and gave advice on how to dispose of them.

Someone reported a cow stuck between bales of hay. The person said its breathing was labored and the caller said the owner of the cow wasn’t doing anything to help it. The person wanted someone to call the owner of the land that the cow’s owner was using to tell him to do something. When a deputy called, the man said he’d have to move several bales of hay to release the cow from its prison. He said he’d take care of it when he was done tending to the calves. Upon a later check, the cow was freed.

A person reported the neighbor was shooting at a deer with a BB gun. The caller was also concerned that the neighbor may have shot his dog with BBs. He was advised to call if he saw it happening.

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