Neighbor exclaims: Get off my lawn

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Two people called the Whitefish Police Department about high school kids playing games and running through yards. One caller said the kids were playing a game called “fugitive” and wasn’t sure if it was a legitimate high school game. An officer told the kids to stay out of people’s yards.

A caller reported that bears continued to get into garbage cans because the neighbors weren’t following the ordinances.

Someone reported a brown and white horse in a field across from the city maintenance building.

A person reported a dog that barked all day. The person said the neighbors have been gone for a month, but a dog sitter is there twice a day to take care of it. The caller said the dog had her voicebox removed and the “barking” does not make any more sound. When an officer checked on the dog, it appeared to be healthy.

Someone reported a bluish-black Chevy pickup truck on the road that allegedly had two inebriated people in it. The woman was described as being passed out in the passenger seat while the man appeared to be in the back hanging over the tailgate. The man’s pants were falling off and he wasn’t wearing any shoes.

A caller reported a woman wearing flip flops who was being drunk and disorderly at an area bar. She reportedly pushed a man, but he later talked to her and she left.

Even more people called about fireworks going off at the Whitefish Lake Lodge. They weren’t pleased about it, but were told that the city had approved a permit for them to be fired.

A caller reported a stream of water coming from a property across from a gas station. He said it looked like a hole in the ground pouring out water. When it was checked, it turned out to be a broken sprinkler head.

Officers had to separate two sisters who had engaged in a physical fight. One sibling said she asked her sister to come and get her child for the evening because she was stressed out. When the sister arrived, a verbal sparring match led to a physical altercation.

Someone reported the windows were broken out of a business over the weekend.

Someone reported to the Columbia Falls Police Department that her vehicle was involved in a DUI crash and she had not registered it yet. She said she had the bill of sale and the title. It was towed and she was trying to retrieve a key from it, but the tow yard wouldn’t let her into the vehicle.

A caller, who wished to remain anonymous, wanted to report the identity of the people who egged the teacher’s house.

A store employee was caught stealing and was waiting in the manager’s office before police arrived and cited him.

A man decided to sleep in his truck for the night after he and his girlfriend were in a verbal argument.

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