A bad trip through the car wash

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The driver of a Maserati Levante called the Whitefish Police Department after a bad trip through the car wash, which stopped operating while he was in the midst of a cleaning. The car couldn’t exit the wash and the man that was working there left, stranding the driver. Eventually, the driver escaped his predicament.

A parent reported that her 11-year-old son had returned home from a football practice where four eighth-grade students had threatened to beat him up. The boy escaped without harm and the parent said he’d call back if his son could remember the identities of the other kids.

A bouncer at a local bar reported a man who urinated on the side of the building. He was removed from the bar after he caused problems with the customers and employees.

A man from New Mexico had a sad story to share. He said he was out of gas and had just lost his wallet. On top of all that, his wife was with him and has cancer. A chaplain was going to try and provide help to the people.

A caller said there was a black bear inside the fence. The person said help was needed to get the bruin out, but before anyone arrived, the bear left.

An officer stopped to check on a driver and he learned that a passenger in the women’s vehicle had broken a seat. She was trying to fix it.

Someone reported seeing a man in his 60s wearing a red cap and black clothes and walking in the middle of the road. If drivers honked at him, he gave them a special salute. When an officer arrived to see what was happening, he learned the man’s vehicle had broken down.

A homeowner believed an overnight egging of the residence was related to an incident three years ago where people snowballed the home after being confronted for peeing in public. Officers said they would increase patrols in the area.

A black bear was hit by a orange Honda Element. There were no injuries reported to anyone in the vehicle.

A woman called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report her 13-year-old grandson had flipped a picnic table over and had destroyed other things. He was mad that she wouldn’t give him his video game controller. She then locked him out of the house. The teen calmed down later.

A person trying to get her new phone working accidentally dialed 911. She said she didn’t have much experience with technology.

A man had expected to receive a debit card in the mail but was concerned his mail may have been stolen. He reported he had a check stolen from his box in the past.

A person called to report that a neighbor put signs up indicating she had security cameras recording his property. The man said he believed he was being harassed and his privacy was being invaded. An officer told the caller to seek a temporary restraining order because the situation has continued for some time.

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