Chivalry not dead: Men fought over woman

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A woman called the Kalispell Police Department to report two men were fighting over her. She said one of them was drunk.

Someone called to report a group of young men with propane torches hanging around three motor homes. There were also several vans parked around the motor homes. The caller said it seemed they shouldn’t be there.

A caller said they were demonstrating in Depot Park when a pickup truck drove past and gave him a thumbs down. When the caller went back to his car, the truck had parked so he couldn’t get into his driver’s side door. The man said he and his wife were afraid and he wanted to know if such behavior was legal.

A caller said her 93-year-old mother was scammed out of several thousand dollars by a person claiming to be her grandson. The caller said he needed $15,000 for bail money and medical bills. The “grandson” said he was in California but the money was sent to Florida.

A caller said a man had been in the store for about two hours and wouldn’t leave. He was acting like he was going to attack someone and he has been freaking out on customers who enter the store.

A 16-year-old girl said she was going to kick her grandmother’s butt and was acting up. When an officer arrived, the teen agreed to be cooperative.

A woman said her ex-husband entered her home and stole some of her son’s belongings. When an officer investigated he learned the older son had allowed the man inside to get some of the younger child’s belongings, and she said that was OK as long as he called to tell her.

A person was at the dentist’s office for more than 90 minutes and no one answered the door, even though the place should be open. There were cars in the parking lot, but no lights were on and no one answered the phone or knocks on the door. When an officer spoke to someone in the office, it was determined it was a scheduling issue.

Someone called the Whitefish Police Department to report that two porta potties were knocked over.

A caller said he and his wife’s photo were posted on social media and it wasn’t appreciated.

A woman called about her purse that was stolen a month ago to check the status of the case.

Two accidental 911 calls originated from a watch and a phone.

A driver was headed to an auto parts store to get a battery so he could move a parked car.

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