Woman locked in store finds back-door exit

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A woman called the Kalispell Police Department to report she had been locked in a store. Before anyone showed up to let her out, she discovered a way out of the back of the store.

The mother of a 14-month-old child refused to allow her boyfriend into the residence after he banged on the door and said he wanted his things returned. She didn’t feel safe because of his prior abuse of her. When officers attempted to find him, he wasn’t at the residence where he had listed his address. She was told how she could get a temporary restraining order against him.

A man’s ex-wife showed up and threatened him with a pair of scissors. He called police, but she left before they arrived.

A woman called because her two daughters, 12 and 14 years old, had snuck out of the house to presumably meet boys. One wore a camo sweatshirt and pink pajama bottoms while the other was attired in a gray T-shirt and bluish-green pajama bottoms. About eight hours later, both young ladies returned home.

A girl said her stepdad was inebriated and had threatened to throw her and her mother out of the home. After an officer arrived, everyone decided they were going to try and go to bed.

A pastor called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report that three people were causing a riot and told him he wasn’t allowed to preach at his own pulpit located on Dove Lane. The preacher said the trio were members of the deacon board but had acted without authority of the board. He went back into the church, but cooler heads prevailed when an officer arrived.

A man called to report someone had stolen a speaker from his car while it was parked in his garage. His wife then texted him that she found it stashed in the bushes. He believed someone would return for it and he said he was going to place a game camera so he could determine who stole it.

A 911 call was the result of someone in a new car trying to set up the phone.

A person’s ex-wife said he texted him that he was going to kill him and his family. He typed “I will murder all of you.”

The manager of a store in Missoula called to report that the vehicle involved in the Amber Alert last week was still in the parking lot. He wanted to know if he could have it towed or if law enforcement needed it for evidence. He was told he could have it towed.

Someone reported two steers running around Ashley Meadows. A phone message was left with Cameron, who later called back and said he would go get them.

A deputy was requested to take a report of an alleged aggravated assault after a male inmate was in a fight that left him bleeding from his ears.

A man wanted a deputy to respond to his property because he believed a meth addict had stolen his game cameras. The man was arrested while he drove on the man’s property.

A caller said a gun safe was stolen from a storage unit in Marion. There may have been one gun taken.

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