Ex uses hockey stick in unfair face-off

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A man told Kalispell Police Department he was outside his motel room smoking when his girlfriend’s ex allegedly approached him swinging around a hockey stick, trying to hit him.

A parent wanted his 24-year-old daughter escorted out of the house because she was allegedly having a tantrum and was getting into his face and yelling because he turned off the WiFi and would not talk to her.

Someone was unnerved by two suspicious men looking around the area when he saw one of them had gun on his hip.

A parent wanted advice from police after her spendthrift 13-year-old was reportedly taking her mother’s debit/credit card and charging things on them. The mother’s questions were answered and said she would return if she needed to file a report.

The owner of a remodeling project alleged the neighbors across the street were harassing them because they were not happy with the work that was being done.

A woman called police alleging that a neighbor, who came to her apartment the previous night and kicked her dog, went inside her residence again and “finished kicking all her dog’s teeth out.” The woman said the neighbor had a key to her apartment, but was unsure how they gained access when she claimed the apartment locks had been changed.

A man attempted to spend a counterfeit $100 bill at a casino, but proved to be unsuccessful.

An employee wanted police to check on the welfare of a man he found leaning on a sink in the men’s bathroom and sleeping. The employee said the man was acting strangely.

Bank employees were uncomfortable opening up for business after seeing a minivan that reportedly was camping in the parking lot.

Someone called police after supposedly pounding on the window of a truck with a camper shell when a man, who was lying in the back seat covered with a blanket, didn’t move or respond.

A resident told police they had surveillance footage of their house being egged.

Someone requested extra patrol believing a bear was the culprit of three tipped over dumpsters in an alley although he had not seen one.

A Columbia Falls Police officer stopped a vehicle on Sixth Street Thursday night because the tires in the back appeared to be ones that were stolen recently from the lot of a business.

An officer recovered and disposed of a needle that was found in the parking lot of a motel.

Someone called with concern for a child because she was told that a methamphetamine pipe was found in the residence and the youth wasn’t being fed properly. But, when an officer checked, the owners of the home invited him in and the residence was clean and the child appeared to be healthy.

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