Neighbors lend hand to woman locked out of home

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A woman who was locked out of her apartment on Thanksgiving Day in Kalispell received a helping hand from her neighbors who said they would take care of her after she couldn’t get in touch with her landlord or a locksmith.

A man called to see if someone had turned in the brown wallet he lost. He believed he lost it in Kalispell or Whitefish.

Two people were given a copy of the “No panhandling in the city” ordinance at the bus stop.

A man called because his on-again, off-again girlfriend who had been drinking refused to get out of his black Suburban. Eventually, she did get out, got into a red Lexus and nearly hit the Suburban as she drove away. When an officer spoke to her, she said she wanted to get her things from his vehicle, which she did with his assistance.

Someone found a ATM card in a machine and left it there. An officer picked it up and left a message with the owner to claim it.

A bearded, scruffy-looking man who was standing on the sidewalk asked people if they wanted to do meth with him. He was also yelling at them and telling them to go away. Officers determined he had been drinking and that he was on probation for an offense in Libby. Later, they found he was staying with his father at a nearby apartment and he was going to stay there with his dad for the night.

A woman called police because she said a man tried to hit her with his truck and called her an unpleasant name. When police talked to the man, he said he was upset with her because she tried to throw garbage into a trash can, but missed, and there was trash laying on the ground.

A woman said her husband had been drinking and was angry because his brother-in-law’s dog had killed his dog. Her husband argued with her and her brother. She explained that the dog that killed her husband’s dog was in the garage and wasn’t vicious with people. An officer said the man decided to take a walk to “cool off.”

A caller said two young people threw snowballs at her back door. She said she’d call back if they returned.

A man said he saw two pairs of orange lights going over the house. He said they didn’t make any noise and shot straight up into the air. He also said he got the happening on video. He said he was going back to bed and would decide in the morning if he wanted to show the video to an officer.

A mother said her son hit her before running from the home.

A store manager said a very drunk man kept taking his pants off while he was inside the building. She said he was about 21 years old and wore a maroon Grizzlies sweat shirt. He wanted to buy more beer and then dropped a case of it on the floor. She tried to get him a ride home but no one showed up.

A man who store employees believe had shoplifted was taken into custody by officers after a foot chase that ended in another nearby store.

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