Dogs, their owners getting out of control

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A dog walker reported two free-roaming canines, a German shepherd and a black Lab, that were trying to chase and kill ducks in a Kalispell park, according to the Kalispell Police Department. The person couldn’t grab the dogs because she had three of her own. The caller said the dogs left the park and were last seen near a convenience store. An officer who searched the area didn’t find the animals.

On the same day, a woman said after she put her two kids to bed, she returned to the downstairs area of the home and found two Akita dogs inside. She said they were growling and barking after getting into her backyard and entering the home through the dog door.

And a caller who lives across from the owner of a pit bull said when the dog was let out, it pooped all over the place and the problem had been ongoing for a while.

A person called the police because he wanted to drop off a truck tailgate to his ex-wife, but he didn’t want to see her. He wanted to drop it off somewhere and have an officer call her so she could pick it up. An officer said the woman wasn’t cooperating.

A woman said she believed her checks were stolen while she was in Kalispell after they fell out of her purse, possibly on Friday. A bank employee said someone came in and tried to cash a $120 check.

A caller said a man who appeared to have lost a tire off a vehicle became agitated and was beating on the car.

A man said his neighbor continues to leave trash in the bed of his truck and on his hood. He said it had been going on for a while.

Someone stole a man’s bike and rode it toward Main Street. It was described as a black “We the People” bike with spotted green paint on the handle bars. When an officer called back, he reached the man’s mother and it seemed that it was an issue between the two of them.

A Bigfork resident who was trying to sell a recreational vehicle said a person who may have been interested in buying it said there was someone living in it. The caller said he thought the vehicle was locked up and that no one should be living in it. An officer checked the scene and said everything seemed to be OK.

A homeless woman who had been drinking reported that her fiance, also homeless, who had also consumed large quantities of alcohol, struck her as they began to go to sleep. She said he then ran off into the woods. When officers arrived, she said he ran off then admitted nothing physical had occurred. She was advised not to sleep under the bridge.

A person walking to work found a bag of pills and a Sudafed. He wanted it picked up, but left the task to an officer, who scheduled the pills for destruction.

The road-killed deer continue to pile up as several calls were received from joggers, walkers and motorists about animals that had been run over.

A person who saw a woman leaning up against a fence near a golf course thought someone should check on her.

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