Change in sign status leaves resident unhappy

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A person called about a change to a stop sign in front of a church in Whitefish. The caller said the change wasnít properly marked and it has created a hazard. Her call was returned and the reason for the change was explained, according to the Whitefish Police Department, but she didnít accept it because it was different and dangerous.

Someone called about vehicles parked where they werenít allowed to be. When an officer checked, he learned it was because the landlord was having gravel poured in the driveway at the house and the vehicles would be moved when the work was done.

Several parked vehicles were stickered with odd/even warnings.

A caller said he thought someone had entered his vehicle Saturday night and stole a backpack that contained his work ID. He was concerned because the ID could be used to get into several places at work. Also noted was a vehicle that had been parked in the driveway, but it wasnít located.

A realty company said it received an email from someone that wanted help to buy a home. A Realtor replied that she would help, but that reply was followed by another email of an unknown man exposing himself. She said she wouldnít respond to the message and would call back if she received any more vulgar emails.

Someone said they could hear a guitar and drums being played outside. A check of the neighborhood didnít turn up any loud music.

A man walking home was told to use the public sidewalks rather than cut through peopleís yards.

A caller who reported a lost wallet to the Kalispell Police Department said she may have accidentally thrown it in the garbage.

A man reiterated his concern to police officers that he didnít feel safe in his home because his brother-in-law, who owns the dog that killed his dog, still lives with him. He received advice on how to deal with the situation.

Someone reported a truck was partially blocking her driveway and she wondered if it was stolen. She said two men in their 20s jumped out and left on foot ďreally fast.Ē When an officer determined who owned the truck, the mother was called and she said she would have her son move the truck.

A man and woman heard that deputies were asking about them when they made another arrest at a motel. They wanted to know why officers were asking about them and if they had any warrants.

A juvenile said he locked the keys of his dadís truck inside. When the father was called he said he was at work.

Someone said she was a witness to domestic violence in terms of a woman getting beaten up. The person said two other witnesses claimed the same thing, but when an officer spoke the alleged victim, she claimed nothing had happened and that her friends were plotting against her.

A man said when he woke up he discovered his two-tone blue Ford F150 pickup had been stolen. He said he hadnít left the keys in it. He called back later and said he found a pair of gloves near the scene of the crime and he wanted officers to come pick them up. The man later called to report he had found the truck. It appeared the truck had been dragged away.

A woman said she was bitten by a dog she had never seen before. The dog was a terrier mix and it ran off after it bit her.

A person who runs a place where teens can go to get help with school work and a hot meal said three kids in a vehicle were acting up and had made a vulgar suggestion to her, which terrified her. She said they were the same kids who had pulled another teen out of a car the other night and beat him up. An officer made sure the kids moved along.

An animal control officer investigated a German shepherd that reportedly had been barking for months. When an animal control officer arrived, he said the dog barked on and off while he was there and he didnít approach it because of the way it behaved.

Someone reported a domestic violence situation in which yelling and crying could be heard as well as objects hitting the floor. An officer investigated and determined the incident was only verbal in nature and didnít escalate to a physical confrontation.

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