Bible verses used as threats on social media

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The Whitefish Police Department was called about someone posting threatening Bible verses on a social media page. The caller said another man is bullying him online, as well as stalking, trolling and harassing him.

A person called to report two people on a roof yelling at each other. One was an adult and the other was a child.

Someone called the Kalispell Police Department to report a school bus parked in a “No Parking Anytime” zone. It was determined the caller had misread the sign.

A jewelry store employee called after a woman wanted to know about the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the store. When the employee asked for the woman’s name and number, she refused to give her last name.

It was “all’s well that ends well” for a woman who lost her wallet at a store. The woman checked with a store employee who said it hadn’t been turned in. But when an officer called the store later, he learned someone had turned in the wallet and the store employee had called the owner.

Someone said that linen trucks parked next to a building had been spray painted, along with some nearby buildings, by unknown people.

A man reported tools stolen out of his unlocked truck box during the night.

A woman and her roommates reported that someone had smeared blood on the front door of their house. She said none of them knew why someone would do it, but she thought the driver of a red Honda Civic parked in front of the house might have had something to do with the offense.

A person playing Keno in a casino reported that someone stole his wallet. When employees looked at video, they said it appeared a woman may have taken it. It contained one $100 bill, a $5 bill and four $1 bills.

A person with a new phone system said a 911 call was a mistake.

Someone reported that his vehicle and several others were damaged when concrete came out of a truck mixer on Whitefish Stage Road. The caller said his windshield was cracked. Another driver said her hood and front end had been damaged, too. The concrete company cleaned up the road and the drivers’ information had been provided to the concrete company.

A person reported a stolen laptop computer. It was missing either the ‘Z’ or ‘X’ key,

A 16-year-old girl said she had received threats and harassment from an ex-boyfriend. She was given the paperwork to fill out for a temporary restraining order.

Police explained the panhandling ordinance to a man.

A person said items were stolen from her car, including a wallet, purse and backpack. The right rear door was unlocked. She said it occurred while she was at work and a store employee was going to check video footage of the parking lot.

A person reported a motion light was triggered and saw someone walking in the neighborhood. The caller thought the person might have been trying to get into cars that were parked on the street.

Someone called the Columbia Falls Police Department to report a stolen black wallet case and cell phone. The phone was located later at the school.

A caller reported a counterfeit bill, but an officer determined it was legitimate, just old.

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