Escaped pig finds hog heaven in C-Falls

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A potbelly pig was seen hamming it up around Columbia Falls when someone spotted it on their Generation Way property before it headed toward Fourth Avenue West North. The person told police they had a photo of the pinkish white swine if needed. The pig’s owner described it as an escape artist to Flathead County Sheriff’s Office and claimed he was putting up a “hot wire” to keep it contained.

A Parliament Drive resident in Kalispell reported a “raging bonfire” that had a horrible smell. The woman making the report claimed there was a possible threat to structures if the fire got out of control and that it didn’t appear anyone was attending it. Apparently, the only thing out of control was the woman’s imagination when deputies reported an attended, small recreational fire where someone was burning building materials and there was water onsite.

A man and woman on Evergreen Drive were seen pushing each other and yelling.

A burglary was reported on Ashley Lake Road in Kalispell.

Someone reported a purse, money, camera and multiple lenses stolen from an unlocked vehicle on U.S. 2 in Marion.

Someone called officers from a store phone on U.S. 2 in Kalispell to report that his girlfriend wouldn’t leave him alone, allegedly hitting him and saying she wanted his head bashed in. The parties were separated.

A caller on Paradise Loop in Marion said two queen heated blankets and two pairs of shoes were stolen from an unlocked truck, potentially by two kids on four-wheelers.

A balding man was spotted putting “stuff” onto railroad tracks although nothing was found when the area was checked.

A business manager on U.S. 93 in Lakeside was suspicious of a group of boys who were allegedly walking around the building, trying doors in the back and hanging around, looking into employees’ vehicles.

A man reportedly dragged a woman across the room by her hair on Conrad Drive in Kalispell.

A woman on Prairie View Road in Kalispell heard shots from a neighbor’s house and alleged a man was driving a pickup up and down the street honking at her and yelling obscenities through a megaphone.

Later on, another call came in from someone on Church Drive in Kalispell regarding the man who was reportedly driving up an down Prairie View Road. This report noted the man was speeding, in addition to honking his horn, and that he was purportedly shooting an AK rifle up straight into the air “outside” his vehicle.

Dispatchers heard someone yelling what sounded like “cut your head off” on an open line traced to North Hilltop Road in Columbia Falls.

Two women who allegedly pulled into an abandoned property on North Hilltop Road because they needed to urinate, might have done so in their pants when they thought a woman who confronted them was armed with a handgun. The supposed handgun was a cellphone, according to the woman calling in the report. She alleged the women they were caught trying to break into a house, which was unfounded, according to Columbia Falls Police Department.

Someone called police to report suspected shoplifting when two women and a man kept walking in and out of a store on Montana 40 over the course of an hour. One of the women took lock cutters into a bathroom.

A woman who parked on Sixth Street felt threatened when an angry man supposedly came out of his house to harass her, knocking on her vehicle, taking photos of it and asking questions. The woman claimed she usually parks in the area to go for a walk and take care of stray animals in the area.

A business owner on Nucleus Avenue was confused and concerned after reportedly receiving strange phone calls from “unknown,” where a man was “going off” about being with a “Vegas bowling center” and telling her that “she’s done” and “to shut down the bowling alley.”

Bigfork Fire Department responded to a chimney fire on Eagle Bend Drive.

Somers Fire Department responded to a dumpster fire.

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