Keeping hunting season going with decoys

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A man called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report men shooting shotguns at decoys. He thought they were on his side of the river. A dispatcher said it could be a hunting violation.

An officer warned the owner of a greyhound that was running loose with a yellow Lab named Romeo. The caller who reported the free-roaming canines said the greyhound was biting other dogs through fences. The owner said the dog had been missing for a few days.

A woman said her son was packing a gun and off his medications again. She said he doesn’t have a driver’s license or insurance, but he did drive to her house. She said everyone at the sheriff’s office knows who he is. She also said he made menacing gestures with a syringe in her direction.

A man called because he wanted to have his sister’s car towed.

A woman said she had video footage of a man carrying a rifle while he was on her property.

Someone said a person was yelling and screaming at him and his son. The outraged person said the caller was smoking pot and doing drugs. The yeller allegedly was holding a hammer, but the caller knocked it out of his hands.

A person who just got out of jail called the Columbia Falls Police Department because he wanted officers to stop cars from driving back and forth in front of his residence.

A person who dropped her phone on the bike path said when she went back to retrieve it that someone had taken the device. She said she activated the locater on the phone and when she got close to where it was, someone in a black car took off. They also shut off the phone and she couldn’t track it any longer.

A man who had his house broken into a few weeks ago didn’t initially call police because he didn’t realize anything with identifying factors had been stolen. But, just recently, noticed some tools were missing and they had his name on them.

A woman wanted her brother to leave her home because he had ruined her life during the last four weeks. She was concerned because her 5-year-old daughter was in the back bedroom sleeping and she was concerned because she said he was an alcoholic and he may have hidden a gun in the kitchen. When an officer arrived, the brother had departed the home.

A person who was moving a family member out of a nursing home in Whitefish called because she discovered some of her jewelry was missing. She didn’t know when it occurred.

Someone found a baggy with white powder inside and asked for an officer to pick it up.

A woman said several young people threw eggs at her home and it wasn’t the first time it had happened.

A white-tailed buck got its antlers stuck in a net at the soccer field. An officer cut the net and freed the deer. There was a large chunk of net still attached to the antlers, but not dangling low enough to cause problems.

A man was concerned because he received an SOS signal from his brother who was traveling to the area to spend the week with him.

A person who reported his skis stolen called back and said they were returned.

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