Ex attacks in attempt to win man back

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An alleged hysterical ex believed the way to win a man’s heart back was to kick in his door and scratch his face then call her friends to come over. The man, who reported the alleged attack to Kalispell Police Department, said she might be under the influence and went outside with his 4-year-old.

The ex then called police to say he tried to strangle her and that he was lying about her to 911.

Were two teens acting out “Romeo and Juliet,” or was it something more suspicious, when a startled father spotted a 13-year-old boy at his 13-year-old daughter’s window? The concerned father didn’t know if the teen was trying to get in or out of the window and reportedly did not know who the boy was. The teen was turned over to his dad who was “going to handle it.”

A woman reported a Peeping Tom incident by a man in his 20s and there were footprints in the snow.

Security personnel asked police to remove a man who was reportedly being so annoying to people that he needed to leave for the night. He was also supposedly making threats. The irksome man moved along, but will probably return to annoy on another day.

Purported “dog lovers,” who operate a grooming business out of their home, were wrapped up in worry about neighbors who allegedly left canines — emphasizing that one was a puppy — outside all day. They were so worried about the dogs’ welfare they reportedly left a note on the neighbor’s door. During the call, dispatchers could hear a woman yelling in the background. Parties involved in the verbal disturbance were counseled.

A man told police that people allegedly keep breaking into his vehicle and cutting the battery cable. The man said that items, mostly documents, were stolen from the vehicle.

A woman, who previously reported a suspicious vehicle that reportedly pulled into the driveway of her residence and opened the garage door, told police her son saw the same vehicle across the street from their house the night before. The woman was concerned that people may be stalking her family or watching the residence and requested extra patrol.

A driver was startled when they almost hit a man lying in the middle of the road between Second and Third streets west. The man described as tall and thin then allegedly got up and staggered down the road.

A bearded man stole a cartful of merchandise out of a store on Hutton Ranch Road.

An alarm system was set off, but it appeared that no one entered the building, however, someone noticed fresh footprints in the snow leading up to the back door of a building on Third Avenue East alley and wanted law enforcement to take pictures for evidence and to compare them with the footprints of a person suspected in a burglary a few days ago.

Someone found a bunch of opened mail from multiple addresses.

A man claimed his room was cold and he had nothing to eat, however, dispatchers heard a woman reportedly tell him it was time for breakfast.

Kalispell Fire Department responded to a structure fire on Meridian Road at 3:09 p.m. Monday.

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