Man goes berserk over snow shoveling

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Columbia Falls Police Department responded to a report of “a man going crazy shoveling snow” onto a neighbor’s doorstep. A woman locked herself inside the house after a man allegedly started yelling and cursing at her while she was cleaning her doorway.

A woman wanted police to check on the welfare of a man who appeared to be intoxicated and not dressed for the weather, clad in a sleeveless shirt without a jacket, who may have fallen down because of the cuts on his knuckles and wet pants. The man said he needed a rid and gave phone numbers for a woman to call, but couldn’t get them right.

Businesses on Nucleus Avenue were complaining about a woman wandering around reportedly attempting to sell her coat.

A woman did not have a good morning when she woke up and found three tires on her vehicle were slashed. She had two suspects in mind.

An acrid odor coming from a motel room prompted an employee to call Kalispell Police Department to “smell it and see if it’s a drug smell.” The employee was scared to enter the room because the odor’s strength. Employees confronted the motel occupant, a woman, about the smell on different occasions and she reportedly gave different responses — one being a body cleanse.

Police spoke to a woman who was lost but found where she was going.

Someone asked police to check on children left in a locked vehicle. An officer talked with the father, who was reportedly “conducting business” and left a 5-year-old and 2-year-old in the truck. The officer noted the children were dressed in warm clothing and didn’t appear to be in any form of distress, but counseled the dad on the length of time he left his kids in the truck unsupervised.

A woman told police she may have smoked too much marijuana when she reported a strange feeling as if someone was yanking on the back of her head.

A fight broke out at a bar and most people left by the time police arrived. The victim did not wish to pursue charges, but someone was “locked up for the night.”

A mother wanted advice from Flathead County Sheriff’s Office regarding an alleged assault where her 16-year-old son was hit by a 23-year-old at a “pit party,” or bonfire party, about 20 miles outside of Whitefish. She said her son was not injured. She considered the situation “over and done with,” and didn’t want law enforcement involved, but had some questions. “No matter what,” she reportedly said, her son would be grounded for a month because he violated family rules and his curfew by going to the party.

Maybe the man with gray hair in a green van with out-of-state license plates was lost when he was seen circling downtown businesses, then parking at a park, and doing it all over again like a merry-go-round for “most of the day.”

A man on Spruce Road in Evergreen told deputies he got a call that his stolen truck was parked at a school. He went to the school to wait for an officer.

Mailboxes were reported stolen on Burly Bear Trail in Whitefish.

An attempted burglary was reported on U.S. 2 in Kalispell when someone discovered a window broken out of the front door.

An Ezy Drive resident in Kalispell was suspicious of people driving around in a vehicle who were looking through binoculars. Even though the people told the resident they were participating in an annual bird count, he remained doubtful because “they were pointing binoculars at homes,” and felt they may be scoping out the area. Deputies confirmed the people were indeed bird watching.

Someone on Montana 35 in Kalispell thought there was a dead animal with a live one under a home.

A vehicle pulling a horse trailer was involved in an accident and went off into a ditch. The horse needed to be extricated from the trailer.

An intoxicated man on Ferndale Drive in Bigfork was reportedly out of control and fighting with other people.

Someone on Bear Street in Coram reported a dispute between three people. The alleged incident involved a woman’s drunk, angry boyfriend who allegedly called 911 to have deputies go to her father’s house, grabbed her arm and ripped keys out of her hand. He also may have thrown rocks at a car and punched a window. He reportedly wanted everyone at the house to get in trouble because “he’s mad.”

Whitefish Fire Department investigated a dumpster fire.

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