Brick-wielding man wanders into building

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Someone called the Kalispell Police Department about a man carrying a brick while he wandered through a building. He was described as a man in his 30s wearing pajama pants and a sweatshirt. The caller said he wasn’t recognizable to him, but he was carrying a bucket of salt.

What are the odds? A home that hit by a drunk driver a few weeks ago, was the target of another driver whose vehicle reportedly slid off road, according to the person calling in the incident. The person spoke to the driver who wasn’t injured. The vehicle hit the concrete barrier and then the home. The latest collision hadn’t resulted in any new damage to the home.

Someone reported a “hopped-up” man walking up and down the street and had attempted to get into people’s yards on 4th Avenue. An officer found the man and he was initially unresponsive then woke up. He was later taken to the hospital.

A person called on behalf of another to make a stolen property report as well as a physical assault. The victim wanted the other person to call because she didn’t want to look discreditable.

A man wanted to talk to an officer about his joint bank account with his wife. He said she blocked him from getting money from it, but he said both of their names were on it.

A caller said she received a message on social media that a wanted man was inside a big box store. He had tattoos on his arms and a shaven head. The caller also said the man appeared to have tried to rob a fast-food restaurant, but couldn’t explain just how. The caller also said the man and his acquaintances couldn’t sit still and might have been on something. When an officer spoke to the restaurant employees, they said everything was fine and there was no sign of the suspects.

Someone reported that the neighbors had continually moved their trailer around the yard for the last three nights and were causing a lot of noise.

A woman said a man was getting violent with her, but after further investigation, they had decided to go to Browning together.

A bartender reported a fight between two men, including one who had tattoos all over his face. The fight was brief, however, and both went their separate ways.

Someone reported a man was in the alley pulling garbage out of trash cans. When an officer made contact with the person it turned out to be a woman and he was going to let her be for the time being.

A woman who had a temporary restraining order against her ex said he called her. She also had concerns about an unknown person who was in her backyard the previous night. She wasn’t sure if it was related, but she spoke to an officer about the incidents.

A mother called because her daughter went to a friend’s home and the friend’s parents had supplied them with marijuana and vodka.

A caller said her roommate had borrowed her car and wouldn’t return it. When an officer spoke to the driver, he said he was under the impression he could have the car for the day. He said he’d return the car as soon as possible.

Someone said there was a suspicious person on the corner with a weapon. The caller said after each vehicle drove past, the person stepped into the street.

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