Couple makes scene at fitness center

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Fitness center employees called the Kalispell Police Department out of safety concerns when a rough-looking couple came in who weren’t in any shape to work out. The pair were reportedly struggling with operating the fitness machines. If anything, the staggering woman had definitely committed a fashion crime, looking like she was ready for bed, dressed in pajama pants and carrying a pink blanket. The man was described as dirty and rough looking, like a “bum” or “vagrant.” Earlier, the woman allegedly yelled that she was “going to shoot the place up.” They moved along.

In an ongoing issue, an older man with a handlebar mustache was seen sleeping, hanging out and smoking cigarettes inside a dog wash. He had a bicycle with him, but no dog. Employees wanted him removed from the premises.

Meanwhile, another man decided the ice-covered ground was a good place to hunker down for a nap. A friend took him home.

A man who was inside the police department lobby reportedly slapped another man’s hat. The man was told to leave and not come back unless it was for an emergency. The information didn’t sink in, however, when he returned and was once again informed that he was not welcome in the lobby because of his actions. This time, he supposedly said he understood and left.

A man was startled when an allegedly intoxicated neighbor, whose name he didn’t know, busted through his locked front door, damaged it, then went home. The man wasn’t certain if he wanted to pursue charges and thought the neighbor was upset because “there were some tracks on his property.” The neighbor reportedly said he was sorry for the damage, that things “were heated and got out of hand” and would pay for repairs.

It was a threat-down for two Kalispell roommates. A woman told police her roommate allegedly threatened to kill her if she didn’t allow her son and grandson to visit the house — and — if “she said one more word.” Both parties were advised to stay in separate areas of the home and not talk to each other. Police deemed the threat unfounded due to both parties claiming the other had threatened them.

Officers told people who chatting on the side of the road to pick a better place.

A man, who called police more than once, was purportedly being “put through the wringer” and told dispatchers he “just wanted to protect himself” regarding a parenting plan. He asked about temporary restraining orders and if police could do welfare checks on his daughter. Dispatchers advised him that he could call police for welfare checks, or contact Child Protective Services with some concerns, but could not use law enforcement to pester and harass his ex during her time with the child.

A man pushed another man outside a church. One of the men received a citation and was released.

Police were unable to understand a woman who was crying hysterically in front of a department store and met with her later at the department.

A man led police in a vehicle pursuit and reportedly hit a vehicle and garbage cans along the way. The chase ended when one of the tires on his vehicle deflated.

Someone told police that “the man upstairs is beating the s--- out of his wife.” He heard a woman screaming and thumping sounds. The parties were separated for the evening.

Columbia Falls Police Department fielded a call from someone who insisted a suspect involved in an alleged theft at a Kalispell business was in Columbia Falls and had additional information on where he may be. The caller rambled on about multiple thefts all over the county and several social media posts about one man’s whereabouts.

A worried 8-year-old called police to report his mother and sister were fighting, hitting and yelling at each other. Dispatchers heard screaming in the background. The 16-year-old sister reportedly bit the mother and punched her in the face. As a result, the mother allegedly locked the daughter outside who yelled obscenities at her. The mother reportedly said was psychotic, “sneaks out quite a bit” and was unsure if she had been drinking or was on drugs.

Someone on Montana 206 was seen driving “way under” the speed limit allegedly to yell happy New Year to someone, however they were also supposedly drifting all over the lane.

Someone on Nucleus Avenue was “concerned about music” at a bowling alley.

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