There’s no such thing as a free meal

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A man and a woman in their mid-20s were reportedly kicked out of a hotel carrying out plates of breakfast food intended for guests only and this wasn’t the first time exasperated employees told Kalispell Police Department.

A fight between a man and woman reportedly “appeared more like a kid slapping match,” than a serious altercation because the pair were “arguing about childish things.”

A woman reportedly rented out her basement to a man who allegedly left due to a family emergency and now two of his friends were squatting in his stead and refusing to leave.

A combative shoplifter was reportedly held down outside a business.

A man refusing to leave a business told a service-desk manager he was homeless, he was from out of town and would rather be arrested. The man was moved along.

An employee told police someone was trying to get into vehicles in a parking lot on Sunnyview Lane. The employee said the person took off when the owner of one of the vehicles caught them in the act.

A man was suspicious of a truck purportedly from a home improvement store at a construction site because a delivery was not expected.

Police cleared a house where a scared 17-year-old was home alone after she reported hearing strange noises, the front door opening and a woman’s voice saying “hello.”

Someone on Ninth Avenue West told police people told him they heard a single shot fired outside of a building.

A man told police he just purchased a vehicle and claimed he had all the paperwork, but it wasn’t registered his name yet. He reportedly lent the vehicle to friends, who abandoned it in a driveway when they saw police behind them.

A woman’s ex allegedly kicked down a door, breaking the dead bolt, after getting his belongings.

A man wearing a puffy jacket and beanie cap was seen drinking in an apartment building sitting room and walking through the halls knocking on doors.

An employee had issues with unruly guests who allegedly were trying to switch rooms and steal items.

The property manager of an apartment building on Fourth Avenue East was concerned when a tenant gave them a poster that was reportedly posted over telephone poles and light poles “all over town.”

A shaken Hungry Horse man started crying when he asked to speak to a detective regarding someone allegedly attempting to blow up his residence by disconnecting a propane regulator from the house and running the line under the trailer skirting. The man said the tank was empty so there was no damage other than the disconnected line.

A frantic woman on Harrison Boulevard in Kalispell told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office that a man coming of methamphetamine reportedly threw water, spit and swung at her before taking off.

A woman reported receiving a text message from a man who allegedly stated he was “going to break all her china in her hutch,” and was staying in a Kalispell hotel because he was purportedly being verbally abusive. She hung up on dispatchers when they advised her on how to apply for a temporary restraining order and not to return to the residence if she felt she was in danger.

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