Attempted burglary extinguished at fire station

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Someone on Willow Glen Drive in Kalispell claiming to be with the South Kalispell Fire Department arrived at the station to find a man in his late 20s taking department-owned sawhorses and loading them up into a beat-up truck, according to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office. The person reportedly took a photo of the man’s license plate and then he started unloading the sawhorses, saying something to the effect of, “I guess I should put these back now.”

A man allegedly dumped his dog over a woman’s fence on Dogwood Avenue in Kalispell. The woman wanted the dog picked up if he didn’t come back for it. She had a previous agreement to watch the dog, but the situation, and relationship, had changed and he reportedly was threatening her over the phone and sending “abusive” text messages. She was advised she could take the dog to the animal shelter.

A security alarm was set off in someone’s Lower Valley Road residence. The homeowner said it was probably a cat.

Someone broke into a Blacktail Road residence in Lakeside and opened a safe, possibly taking some papers.

Bank employees on Reserve Drive in Kalispell requested extra patrol when an older looking black van containing at least four people was seen “hanging out” around the building. A later caller reported the van kept coming back, circling the place and leaving. Deputies were unable to locate they mystery van.

An intoxicated man was walking a bicycle in the roadway near a school on Airport Road in Kalispell. The man received a citation for an open container and littering.

Someone on Farm to Market Road told officers an eighth-grader allegedly brought a beer to school and was sharing it with other kids. Two girls were released to their parents.

A woman on Shady Dog Trail in Whitefish told officers that a man posted her private information on social media and was concerned about how he got it. The man reportedly said he did post the information out of anger and that it came through an email on their child’s tablet. The man claimed he had removed the posting and would not post any more private information.

An extremely intoxicated man called law enforcement to report that he was allegedly assaulted by a man on Montana 35 in Kalispell, however, he was the instigator. He was told not to return to the location and advised to call later, when he was sober, if he wanted to file the report. He called back and wanted to talk to a different deputy, noting he was allegedly all bloody and needed to file the report. The man alleged law enforcement wasn’t taking him seriously and he needed to talk to someone who was “level-headed.” He was given a new number to call. Instead, he called 911 again, was put on hold and disconnected. When he was contacted by law enforcement he was counseled and was “not happy with the information provided.”

A man in a black coat reportedly was holding a gun to his head on Woodland Park Drive in Kalispell.

A Kalispell woman believed her nose may have been broken when her intoxicated husband allegedly assaulted her, but she refused medical assistance. She was afraid that he had a gun and tried to get away. One man was taken into custody.

Deputies responded to a chimney/roof fire in Marion where a man was on a ladder, pouring water on the roof and reportedly refused to come down. He was angry that the fire department hadn’t gotten there yet.

Whitefish Police Department responded to a report on Colorado Avenue where a man, alerted by a neighbor about a fire alarm, allegedly came home to find the apartment full of smoke, a frying pan left on the stove and a bag of weed.

A bicyclist on U.S. 93 alleged a station wagon tried to run him over. The frustrated man reportedly said “this is getting out of hand” and that he would have to carry his firearm and bear spray on the next ride.

A man who was allegedly “very” inappropriate during a massage told a spa employee he had to go to his car to get $145 to pay for the appointment, but never returned. The employee wasn’t so much concerned about the money as to police checking on the welfare of the man’s friend, who may have had disabilities, that he brought with him to the appointment and then stranded.

A woman on Edgewood Place reported a bag containing credit cards and $60 in cash, along with a make-up bag, were stolen.

A woman on Columbia Avenue said a wallet was stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked in front of her house.

Someone on Hospital Way was uncomfortable confronting a coworker about her concerns about her supposedly leaving a young puppy in a vehicle for an entire shift due to the cold. Police checked on the canine noting “it was just fine.”

A woman on Nucleus Avenue told Columbia Falls Police Department a male driver began yelling and cussing at her because she accidentally blinded him with her headlights.

Possibly the same woman then went to the police station alleging that when she and her child walked out of a store on Nucleus Avenue the man revved his truck and “acted like he was going to run them over.” The man also showed up at the police station to purportedly “clear up some recent false accusations made against him.”

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