Deputy assists teachers with unruly pupils

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A deputy with the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office spoke to educators about issues they were having with students cyber bullying others and some vaping at the school in Somers.

An older man who lives on Columbia Falls Stage and has Alzheimer’s got out of the home Thursday morning. A caller said she’d stay with him at the Area Agency on Aging until an officer arrived. The deputy believes he has had contact with the man in the past. When he called a relative, he got a voice mail for a plumbing service. He did reach another family member and she said she’d be there to let him know she’ll be there as soon as she can to pick him up.

The mother of a woman who is applying to be a foster parent wanted to turn her in for elder abuse before she completed the application process.

A man lost his prescription medications in a small kitchen fire the day before. He was trying to get them renewed through the Veteran’s Administration, but he was told by it that he had to file a report.

A person driving was using his Bluetooth to call the animal shelter, but it ended up dialing 911 to the surprise of no one.

Another accidental emergency call originated from a man testing his emergency pendant.

Someone called saying she had been harassed by her neighbor because she had called complaints about the neighbor’s dog. She said when the neighbor drives past, she honks her car horn constantly.

A newspaper rack was treated rather rudely by someone seeking the change inside. The estimate of lost money was a few dollars, but the machine cost about $900. There is video footage of the incident so a suspect may be identified.

A woman reported the theft of a cellphone Sunday to the Kalispell Police Department. She said she had video footage of the crime and an officer planned to meet with her to review it.

A caller said she was somewhere with her husband to meet her daughter. When he walked back to the vehicle, he accidentally walked to someone else’s vehicle and opened the door. The man apologized to the person in the vehicle. The woman made a preventative call because she was concerned that the person in the vehicle may call police.

Someone reported a domestic incident after he heard a man say “I’m gonna stab you, you stupid (profanity).” The woman said her husband beat her up and choked her, but she got into the bathroom and locked the door. The caller said he was going back to bed.

A caller said two women were on the street screaming hysterically. A little dog was also present at the scene. The caller said she thought another woman was fighting with the other, but it turned out to be a woman who was bitten by her own dog.

Someone put a hole in the ceiling, got in and took all the money. Unfortunately, there was no video or suspects.

A caller said his mailman was nearly hit by a speeding vehicle on his street. He requested officers increase their patrols in the area.

A woman called to report a fire inside the shop, which was attached to home. A man in the residence yelled from behind her that the fire had been put out and help was no longer needed.

Someone said a man fell while walking from the bar to his gold SUV. He said he had just one shot and was fine. The caller added that the parking lot was slippery.

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