Residents wary of door-to-door sales

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Flathead County Sheriff’s Office received a report from a woman on U.S. 2 in Kalispell who was frustrated by the persistence of people who came to her house allegedly wanting to come in and clean her carpets.

Despite her repeated rejections, the people supposedly said they would come back the next day. They were allegedly starting a new business and gave her a card with a name and number on it then left a white van. The woman was unimpressed with the business card and didn’t think it looked “official.” She also noted that the van didn’t have business logos.

Over in Columbia Falls, a Gordon Avenue resident told deputies he received a call from a company several days ago stating that a man would show up to his home to install windows. Well, three men showed up in a blue truck and reportedly began asking personal questions that made the resident uneasy.

One of the men reportedly said he knew the resident’s children and what businesses they operated in addition to showing windows they supposedly installed on million-dollar mansions. The resident talked with his children who reportedly didn’t know anything about the purported window installation company.

Someone at an intersection on Montana 40 in Columbia Falls reportedly saw a woman screaming, waving her arms and trying to get out of a vehicle through an open car door. The vehicle then pulled into a parking lot. Officers were unable to locate a woman in distress or the vehicle.

A Marco Bay Loop resident in Somers said their mailbox, in addition to neighbor’s mailboxes, had reportedly been smashed with a bat. Extra patrol was requested.

A tow truck driver was reportedly loading a vehicle when another vehicle hit it, possibly damaging a side mirror, and drove off.

Someone in Kalispell went to use an outhouse and thought they saw a man in a truck allegedly smoking a methamphetamine pipe. The man reportedly said he was using a small propane heater to stay warm.

A woman on Swan Mountain Drive in Kalispell alleged that people were playing in a house under construction and were using something to shut off her phones and could hear clicking noises. She reportedly said she thought it was a bullying technique because they supposedly heard laughter. Deputies were unable to locate anyone tapping phone lines.

Extra patrol was requested on Bowman Drive in Kalispell because a resident claimed teenagers spinning brodies after school.

A Bigfork woman wanted to speak to an officer about someone attempting to fraudulently use her social security number for unemployment benefits.

A dog was seen cavorting around someone’s yard on Swan Hill Drive in Bigfork and chasing vehicles. Deputies counseled a woman about the county dog ordinances and she said the dog reportedly belonged to a friend and she was watching it for a few days.

She was “kindly advised” that according to the ordinance, she is the owner since she was harboring the dog. She was given a verbal warning.

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