Is there a hunting season on drones?

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A woman on Manning Road in Kalispell called 911, reportedly asking if she could shoot a drone out of the sky. The drone allegedly was at her window and took off when she chased after it with her shotgun. Flathead County Sheriff’s Office contacted the drone operator, who claimed it was an accident and wouldn’t happen again.

A Lakeside teen was upset that a male allegedly continued to call and text her from different cellphones and had his parents call her to tell her “she is being mean to their son,” despite reportedly telling him to stop and blocking his phone number. Deputies spoke with the young man, advising him to stop calling.

An employee on Montclair Drive in Kalispell told officers a guest allegedly asked if she knew how to get drugs, specifically how to get “H.”

A Kalispell woman’s teenage son reportedly threw her up against the wall and left when asked. She was upset when he returned because he could be armed with a knife and had allegedly used one in the past.

A few kids apparently didn’t heed a Gordon Avenue resident’s request to stop playing on a snow pile on their Columbia Falls property when the resident asked deputies to intervene. The resident was reportedly concerned about liability if the children got hurt.

Someone on Days Acres Lane in Kalispell reported a runaway who allegedly stole $100 in cash from his grandmother, a check and a sawed-off shotgun that he may still have possession of, in addition to using methamphetamine.

Someone calling from U.S. 93 in Lakeside told deputies they followed a drunk driver who allegedly almost hit several vehicles head-on on the way to a bar. At the bar, the man reportedly almost fell out of his vehicle and went inside.

A crying woman, who may have been drinking on Helena Flats Road in Kalispell told officers she was tired of a man being mean to her after he allegedly shut the power off to “shut her up.” Eventually, he supposedly turned the power back on, but she wanted officers to contact her about the incident.

An intoxicated boyfriend in Columbia Falls kept getting into a woman’s face in an intimidating manner while she was sleeping and then left. The man purportedly was “just wanting to talk about the relationship” and the woman was fine.

A man was suspicious people might be “up to something” after seeing cars coming and going from a camper that had been in a parking lot for a couple of days. He told Kalispell Police Department that he allegedly stopped to talk to them one morning and “they were all sitting inside, completely dressed for outside weather.”

A man asked officers for assistance in finding places to stay the night after claiming he almost got hypothermia. He was advised of the department’s open lobby policy and rules.

Someone who found license plates in a trashcan dug them out and left them with a clerk.

An intoxicated man seen staggering to his car was brought back inside by another patron who reportedly told officers they would give him a ride home.

About four vehicles were described as “racing around and being obnoxious” to a neighbor in the area who thought they appeared to be drag-racing by a bank.

A woman told Columbia Falls Police Department about her suspicions regarding a man who reportedly stopped an elderly woman on multiple occasions, sometimes within hours, while she was walking her dog and said he was looking for his missing dog, then gave her his contact information if she found it. The relative calling the incident in to police reportedly said she had written a note a year ago involving a similar incident where the man reported the missing dog.

A man didn’t quite get the message to not come back to a Nucleus Avenue establishment when he continued to go back in and yell at an employee.

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