Extra patrol for suspicious stalking hawk

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Someone supposedly requested extra patrol from Kalispell Police Department because they thought a hawk sitting on a light pole was stalking a kid and a dog. It was unknown if the hawk was hurt, but “looked suspicious.” The person said they would contact Fish and Game. Police were unable to locate the suspicious hawk.

Police received a report from an alleged recipient of unsolicited packages from China and “odd” phone calls.

Someone thought a man seen slumped over the wheel of a parked van might be high because he reportedly sat up and swayed then face-planted on the steering wheel.

A 6-year-old future policeman hopeful was in the department lobby wanting to meet an officer.

A dangerous driver was reportedly cutting people off on the bypass and throwing snow everywhere by driving off the side of the road on the roundabouts.

Someone called 911 requesting the non-emergency phone number to report something online that “was disgusting.” The person allegedly found a website that gave detailed instructions on cooking and eating a human. He was referred to the “correct authorities.”

Teenagers were seen in a parking lot hooking “carts” to an SUV and a sedan and pulling them around.

A man calling from Ohio told officers that someone was allegedly threatening to kill him and his girlfriend over a social media site and said that he got negative comments on a page he created on an online fundraising site. He was advised to contact Ohio police, which he reportedly was not willing to do.

Someone reported a verbal argument between roommates over relationship problems. Someone’s husband and his friends had allegedly gone into the residence to get belongings when the friends got into it with the person calling in the report. One woman was described as being “pretty bad” and the situation heated enough to potentially get physical, but parties were separated in time. The husband said he would return tomorrow to set up a civil standby without his posse.

Someone was supposedly in the park shooing people away.

Someone in an alley was spotted leaning over a garbage can for about 10 minutes.

Two men were in front of a location yelling at each other. One of them men went inside to use the phone alleging the other man threatened him.

A woman told officers that a man reportedly told her and a maintenance man they “better watch out” possibly because they called the police earlier to report an alleged assault involving the man.

Someone reportedly found pills and other items on the ground and evidence that people had been camping in an alley along tracks.

It was supposedly the third time a man reported his prescription thyroid medication was being stolen to police.

Someone called 911 to complain about loud music. This was not the first time the caller used 911 for a non-emergency. Officers drove through the area and couldn’t hear the noise.

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