Officers apprehend male who made social media threats

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Local law enforecment officials on Wednesday were alerted to vague social media threats made toward an unspecified school and other generic locations. The subject was identified though the social media posts, a Kalispell Police Department press release said. Kalispell officers and the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office deployed resources to local area schools and the subject’s residence in an effort to locate him. The subject was quickly located at a Kalispell business, where he was taken into custody and transported for a mental-health evaluation.

A man called the Kalispell Police Department after he said he drove a man from here to Billings for the man’s doctor appointment and said the man had agreed to pay him $.20 per mile. The beneficiary of the man’s good will reneged on the deal, however.

The snow and cold had negative effects on a Pennsylvania driver who slid into a ditch. The first tow truck that arrived to remove the vehicle from its place of entrapment had cold weather issues and the Keystone State motorist had to wait for a second truck to arrive. This time, the tow guy got the driver out.

A caller with a new phone said there was no emergency after his accidental dial.

A school superintendent called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office because he was concerned parents were stopping in the middle of the road to drop their kids off instead of pulling into the lot, and with the recent hazardous road conditions it could cause an accident.

Someone reported a person used his Social Security number to file for unemployment benefits. He called the office to prevent the claim and also informed law officials of what had happened.

Two Bear Air was called to a location in Idaho for a man who may have broken his leg in a logging accident when a tree fell on him.

A man called to see if it was OK for him to drive his snowmobile along the highway as long as he remained in the ditch. Montana Highway Patrol was left to make the decision.

Someone stole another’s credit card and bought items from a health products store.

A caller said an older Lab appeared to have a wound on its leg. An officer determined the wound was an old one, but the owners were contacted and told they needed to make sure they have a shelter and water for the dog.

A caretaker for a lodge reported the establishment had been broken into and several guns were stolen.

Someone said a woman was driving a white van with her child in the front seat and not buckled up.

A person living reported an extension cord was stolen from his yard earlier in the morning, according to the Columbia Falls Police Department.

Someone said a pickup truck had been vandalized with the seats slashed and the gauges busted. The caller said he thought the truck’s owner had sabotaged the vehicle himself because he didn’t want to be bothered with moving it off the lot after he had been given seven days to do so.

A fracas at a pizza place between some inebriated people resulted in cold, uneaten pizza and a bruised hand.

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