Slow and furious: Man’s getaway attempt thwarted

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Maybe not the quickest getaway vehicle, a belligerent man attempted to steal an electric shopping cart from a box store. The man had been loud and disruptive in the store before making his getaway. The electric cart was later returned, according to Kalispell Police Department logs.

A shoplifting suspect was in a dressing room putting on jackets. A determined thief, he had tried to steal items from the store just a few nights before.

A parent was suspicious when his step-son told him his bike was stolen, but a week later he was riding a different bike. He believed the boy wasn’t telling the whole truth.

A suspect with a warrant for felony car theft was spotted studying at the library.

A man was warned twice about panhandling on the same corner. He was given a copy of the city ordinance and warned, again.

The father of a newborn child was suspected of selling drugs in the hospital parking lot while the mother was recovering from delivery. The suspicious man was coming and going from the baby center and meeting different people in the parking lot. He also reportedly had a large wad of cash in his pocket. Some of the money fell into a toilet and he had to fish it out.

A caller said her SUV was hit in a parking lot. Luckily, the suspect left a note on the windshield.

A scruffy man was too loaded to be served at a local brewery. He was asked to leave because he was causing a scene.

A passenger fled from the scene during a traffic stop. He was later found hiding in some bushes.

A 2003 Mitsubishi was reported stolen.

A pregnant woman was taken to the hospital after her boyfriend allegedly kicked her in the stomach.

A man fixing a flat tire was threatened by a plow driver who was angry about the situation. He said the plow driver held up his fist and threatened to punch him in the face.

A teen high on meth ran away from home.

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