Man doesn’t understand how police do job

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A paranoid man reportedly approached a parked Kalispell Police Department patrol car to ask why the officer was parked and not moving while recording them with his cell phone. The officer told him they were working on patrol and he reportedly said he thought it felt like they were doing surveillance.

A man with an aluminum walker reportedly went after a man’s dogs before going back to his apartment.

A woman said kids kept trespassing on her property. The two teens were supposedly desperate enough to break fencing and a lattice she had installed to deter them in order to steal partial cigarettes from an ashtray. One of the suspects was described as having a “shadow of a mustache” and wearing thin-rimmed glasses, the other teen, as baby faced and husky.

A woman reported her vehicle was broken into and a couple of Christian CD’s taken.

Someone thought it was suspicious that a business was locked with all the lights on, but no one was there.

Police received a report that two kids, possibly teenagers, dressed in black were seen trying to break into vehicles in the neighborhood and were headed toward Center Street.

A grandma was probably not happy to tell police her grandson reportedly took alcohol from her house. She said she would change the locks since he had a key and would fill out a statement.

A mother went to the police department lobby with her son to report another juvenile male tried to fight her son.

A four-wheeler with a yellow plow was supposedly speeding, driving on the wrong side of the road and ran a stop sign.

A father called police after finding what he believed were drugs in his 16-year-old daughter’s backpack. The daughter, aware that police were called, claimed she didn’t know what it was. Police gave the father information about vape pens.

Four men and a woman were sitting in a vehicle and believed to be shooting up drugs.

A vehicle blocking an alley reportedly had scratch marks all over it and a word scratched in the back, which raised the suspicions of someone who claimed a man was currently under investigation and maybe someone left it there as “a message.”

A bystander reported a man and woman tried to take a 4-year-old from another man and the woman pushed him to the ground where he hit his head and injured his arm.

A woman was “freaked out” after she thought a man was following her.

A girl on Treeline Road told police another girl allegedly choked her and that her boyfriend grabbed her phone and took of running, but she caught up to him, got the phone back and called 911. She also reportedly hit her head against a glass door and said she had grabbed the girl’s hair to stop her from choking her.

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