Vehicle mix-up was just a misunderstanding

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There may have been a misunderstanding when a vehicle repair shop employee reportedly took a man’s vehicle from a parking lot on Idaho Street for a test drive, which the vehicle owner reported stolen to Flathead County Sheriff’s Office. The employee said they had a customer drop off a similar vehicle for maintenance work and that the customer’s keys unlocked and started the man’s vehicle.

Someone on Iris Court in Kalispell said a woman threatened to set their house on fire and had slashed their tires. The woman was supposedly high on methamphetamine.

Someone on Monterra Avenue in Whitefish said their sister went to check on a sibling and he allegedly “head-slammed” her against the floor. A man was detained and taken to the hospital on suspicion of intoxication.

Someone on Legacy Lane Columbia Falls reported going to a relative’s house to plow and her boyfriend was allegedly blocking the driveway and “trying to pick a fight.”

Two horses, one wearing a pink saddle blanket, were moseying on Whitefish Stage Road.

People were heard screaming and car alarms were going off on Freckles Road in Kalispell.

A 5-year-old was allegedly stuck between a shed and house on Alpine Glow Avenue in Whitefish, but made it out OK with some help.

Kalispell Police Department received a report from someone who heard three shots “coming from the woods along the river,” but did not see anyone.

A man told police a man had reached through his fence to pet his dog and when he told him to stop he cussed at them. When dispatchers asked him what he wanted done, he said he wasn’t sure; he just wanted them to stop petting his dog through the fence.

Two transients were allegedly fighting in the police department lobby, when a woman walked in and decided to leave and wait in her car. The men were counseled.

Someone sitting in a tan van looked like they were shooting up drugs and allegedly fell into the road and was stumbling around.

A car alarm went off for more than an hour before the owner shut it off.

A parent said their 16-year-old told her that a man sits in front of a gas station for hours telling minors he will buy them alcohol for $5.

Someone attempted to pawn what they believed was SWAT duty gear they suspected was stolen.

An alleged shoplifter was at it again when a store employee found empty packaging and surveillance footage of a blonde-haired woman stealing a battery. The employee stated she had been stealing items for days or weeks including a vacuum valued at $549.

Someone thought a man with a large bench and Confederate money who was trying to sell them old coins was suspicious.

A man was reportedly standing in front of a snow pile another man was trying to plow and making obscene gestures and threatening to beat him up and damage his vehicle.

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