Excuses, excuses: Speeders snagged in speed trap

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A driver going 47 in a 30 mph zone on Meridian told officers that he realized he was going too fast just “a second too late,” according to Kalispell Police Department logs. Another driver pulled over on Meridian for going 45 mph told officers that the “hill always gets her.” A third driver was clocked going 48 mph in the same spot. All were cited.

A “dude” who was 86’d from a property was back again, this time “lurking around the building.” He was possibly high on something. When approached, the suspicious dude took off running down the middle of the road.

A husband’s ex was accused of harassing people electronically and in person.

An intoxicated woman in skinny jeans was spotted stumbling along the sidewalk. She took a break on a snow pile and later fell on the ground. Her boyfriend eventually showed up to assist.

A caller was concerned about four horses that hadn’t had any hay in days. The animals were seen eating tree branches they were so hungry, the caller said.

A burglar cleaned out a storage unit. Everything was taken.

A man told police that he was trying to dig out his vehicle, which had been issued a parking warning. He said it was going to take all day to free his pickup.

A notebook containing social media and bank account passwords was reported stolen.

A man became disorderly when his girlfriend tried to have a vehicle towed. The man was leaning on the vehicle when the tow truck arrived.

Two teenage boys reportedly stole a few cigars and other items from a business.

A woman’s ex blocked her number. Now she can’t make calls or texts. She wanted to know what her options were.

A babysitter locked herself out of the house she was babysitting at. She was advised to call a locksmith and the homeowners.

A caller found a small chihuahua shivering on the front porch. The pet was brought inside and the owner was contacted.

People watching movies in their van were told to move along.

A man found staying in a room was not authorized to be there. He was trespassed from the property and arrested for other warrants.

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