Thinly clad house sitter out in the cold

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A house sitter was in a quandary on Hilltop Road in Columbia Falls when he reportedly locked himself out of the house wearing shorts and a T-shirt. He told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office that he didn’t have a place to go to stay warm and that the battery on his phone had 1 percent of power left. He was given the number of a 24-hour locksmith.

Someone calling from North Dakota told deputies her son allegedly was taken into the woods and held at gun point and threatened. She claimed the people kept threatening her son and accusing him of stealing from them.

A caller from Poplar Drive in Kalispell was thinking of buying a property and wanted to know if someone could give him the “history on it.” Officers advised him they could not give specific details.

Someone on Bigfork Canyon Road in Bigfork reported a white enclosed trailer with no plates parked in a pullout for the Swan River Nature Trail that purportedly was causing issues with school bus drivers who use the pullout as a turnaround.

A Kalispell couple allegedly were being harassed by neighbors who brandished weapons as they walked by their property and brought video surveillance in to a deputy.

A woman getting into her vehicle on U.S. 2 in Kalispell thought drug activity may be the reason why people in two vehicles “started acting weird” when they saw her looking at them.

Someone claiming to be with the county Road Department called from Bowdish Road in Kalispell looking for contact information about people who were allegedly plowing their snow into the county road. Parties were counseled.

A man on Gunsite Loop in Kalispell wanted to report a woman for reportedly harassing him when she showed up at the house and caused “issues.”

A caller from Glades Drive in Whitefish told officers a fuel hose was disconnected from their vehicle and suspected that someone attempted to siphon gas.

Someone was concerned a Lakeside hitchhiker would be hit because of poor visibility.

Two horses were out for a run on Foothill Road in Bigfork heading toward Echo Lake.

A Bigfork man allegedly heard people yelling and screaming and thought he heard six gun shots coming from Kirby Lane, but didn’t know if the incidents were connected. Officers didn’t find any disturbances.

Someone calling from Bluebell Road in Kalispell who claimed to own a subdivision off Treeline Road reportedly saw a small truck pull into the property of a house under construction on security cameras and believed they were stealing lumber.

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