Smells like teen shenanigans

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What was suspected to be a group of teens smoking weed turned out to be nothing more than adults enjoying a campfire, according to Kalispell Police Department logs.

A caller reported “constant disorderly behavior.” No other details were shared about this never-ending chaos.

Two kids were seen fleeing the scene of an accident. According to witnesses, the kids drove a van into a utility pole and demolished a fire hydrant, then took off running.

A middle-aged man wearing sunglasses and a cowboy hat was “obviously drunk” while behind the wheel of his pickup.

A child was taken to the hospital after being bitten in the face by a dog. The dog was taken to the animal shelter.

A man was considering buying a former crack house. He wanted to know if and when it had been cleaned up. He was advised to call a Realtor.

Items were suspiciously moved around inside a house while the homeowner was gone. Burglary was suspected.

A kitty was caught in a trap. The reporting party put the trap inside so the cat wouldn’t freeze. The pet was later taken to the animal shelter.

A woman at a motel said she was threatened by a person with a gun. The alleged suspects left in a green pickup.

A woman locked the keys inside her car. She blamed it on her dog.

Police checked on an elderly man who was seen lying on the side of the road.

An enraged neighbor was yelling profanities for 15 minutes. She eventually simmered down.

A woman was found passed out inside her vehicle. When the caller knocked on the car window the woman didn’t respond.

Police responded to an alleged physical disturbance. Scary, sketchy men were reportedly inside the home yelling.

A man was loading groceries into his car when he saw a kid running from the store with an armful of beer.

A woman was taken to the hospital after consuming dozens of muscle relaxers.

A woman told police she got into a fight with her daughter. She said she took multiple blows to her head.

The driver of a red Fiat allegedly took off after colliding with a Ford SUV. The suspected vehicle likely had major front-end damage.

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