Sleepy teen gets a boost out of bed

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A teen was refusing to get ready for school on Park Avenue in Hungry Horse, according to a call made to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office. Two people reportedly argued about whether or not grabbing the teen to get him out of bed was abuse. Both parties were counseled and the youth was finally up and ready to go to school.

A Kalispell resident received a book with the eerie title “I Am Watching You,” which was reportedly purchased under an account fraudulently created under his wife’s name around the time her credit card was compromised.

Someone “admittedly” experiencing financial problems on Cottonwood Drive in Kalispell decided not to pursue charges after he initially alleged a short man put a gun to his back and stole $160 out of his pocket. Earlier, he also claimed his landlord took money out of his account for rent.

A woman called 911 asking for someone to go to a parking lot on Hutton Ranch Road and check on her husband because she purportedly “heard he may not be feeling well.” When dispatchers asked what “not feeling well” meant, she sighed and said “OK, never mind,” and hung up. When officers tried to make contact with the woman she walked away and was not willing to talk.

People on U.S. 2 in Columbia Falls who apparently had temporary restraining orders against each other were fighting over a wallet-purse.

A man on Sleepy Hollow Road in Kalispell was perturbed that cats were allegedly coming into his house, eating his cat’s food and beating up his cat.

A man spotted passed out in the snow on Mountain Drive in Hungry Horse got up and started running when he heard law enforcement coming. Medical personnel were told to stand down “since he ran away quickly he probably didn’t need medical attention.”

Things weren’t so bright on Sunny Lane in Columbia Falls when a man told officers he purportedly found a dent in the tailgate of his plow truck and believed a relative or relatives had used it without permission. The grandmother, whose house the truck was parked at, reportedly said it was “all in her grandson’s head.”

A driver calling from Mountain View Drive in Kalispell was concerned when a man approached his vehicle, then got into another vehicle and followed him as he drove around. The caller claimed he has since seen the suspicious vehicle drive through the neighborhood and noted there was recent trouble with people stealing from vehicles.

Someone calling from U.S. 2 in Kalispell alleged a group home employee supplied three juveniles with alcohol.

Two Newfoundlands were reportedly harassing horses on Daley Lane in Kalispell. The burly dogs were described as friendly to humans, but not to other animals. The person calling in the report said this was an ongoing issue, but didn’t know who owns the duo of dogs.

A woman on Sirucek Lane in Kalispell claimed her Pomeranian, Duchess, was stolen from her yard. The dog was wearing a pink studded rhinestone collar, a pink sweater with a silver bow and a harness with ruffles at the end.

A Helena Flats Court resident said she has an easement on her property for others to egress and wanted to talk to a deputy about someone who used a large tractor with a blower to “deliberately” blow snow into their yard. She was advised to call a lawyer since nothing criminal occurred.

Someone on Railway Street in Whitefish found a piece of luggage in a shanty with an Idaho address on the luggage tag. It was turned over to police.

West Valley Fire Department responded to a structure fire on Piney Dell Trail in Kalispell on Sunday. According to a report Flathead County Sheriff’s Office received, the fire occurred in a camper and was extinguished and turned over to the owner. The fire may have been started by a candle.

A manager on Ninth Street reportedly took a $100 counterfeit bill from an employee who denied knowing it was counterfeit and told Columbia Falls Police Department she just heard from the corporate office.

Three 14-year-olds were fighting each other on 12th Avenue when a dad intervened and said he would take care of the situation, and that it wasn’t physical, maybe a couple of pushes.

A policeman’s body cam was allegedly swept away by a city plow on Sixth Avenue. The camera was reportedly set on the officer’s duty bag and fell to the ground when they got out of their patrol car.

Someone on Seventh Street was probably annoyed when they reported an alarm going off in an empty apartment. The alarm was reportedly due to a dead battery in a smoke detector, which was replaced.

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