So long, sister — it’s time to go

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Someone’s sister was overextending her welcome as a “house guest,” and reportedly wasn’t paying rent. To add insult to injury, the sister was verbally abusive to her host, who asked Kalispell Police Department how to get her sibling out of the house.

A man woke up in a bad mood and got into an argument with his girlfriend, which apparently was loud enough for people downstairs to hear a woman crying, yelling and things being thrown around.

Someone alleged a dog was not being taken care of. Police went to the location and found a front window on the ground and a dog outside. Although the dog jumped back in the house through the window, the officer determined the dog appeared healthy and someone was on the way to take care of it.

A woman was having problems with her ex when he was spotted sitting in a vehicle at her house and yelled at her when she went to get the mail.

An upset woman calling from Tamarack Drive in Lakeside told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Department someone has been driving by her home and honking at random times of the day. She noted they also “plowed the road more than necessary at times,” causing the snow to block her garage. Although she didn’t have evidence, she planned to get surveillance footage.

A mound of snow pushed into an alley was an issue on Mountain Drive in Hungry Horse when it blocked a plumber from accessing a woman’s home to fix a broken water pipe. Officers spoke to a neighbor, who said she paid a plow driver who was out of town and couldn’t plow it for a few weeks. She was advised to remove it as soon as possible from the shared road.

A Kalispell mother had a scare when she looked into her 14-year-old’s room and didn’t see her there and said she wasn’t at school because she was home-schooled. The woman thought she had been picked up by her 21-year-old boyfriend. Turns out, the daughter was not missing but was snug in her bed.

A woman reported a broken window and a screen removed in Coram. While it didn’t appear anyone gained entry, she heard someone was caught in the neighborhood, chased at gunpoint and arrested. She believed it was the same person responsible for her property damage.

Someone’s daughter allegedly admitted she and her sister took about five logs from a man’s woodpile on Rogers Lake Road in Kila. She reportedly understood she was wrong and her father agreed to resolve the situation. Another neighbor may have also been stealing wood.

Someone on Rabe Road in Columbia Falls reported a stolen painting was listed for sale on Facebook.

A clerk on Montana 35 in Bigfork told officers they confiscated a purportedly fake Wyoming ID from an underage boy.

Someone was concerned their 63-year-old friend was going to freeze outside because they were having issues getting her into the house after she had consumed a couple of pints of vodka and was arguing. Eventually, they got her into the house.

A teen girl driving on Conrad Point in Lakeside was concerned someone in an older white van was following her.

Someone on Third Avenue in Kalispell reported his car stolen. The vehicle was located and returned.

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