Happy Meals possible cause of happy wheels

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Multiple child passengers, possibly on the way to score Happy Meals, may have been the cause of someone’s reckless driving when the vehicle was supposedly seen “driving all over the place” and nearly hit the curb a couple of times according to a report received by Kalispell Police Department.

A woman drove to a bank ATM and withdrew $200, but forgot to grab the money. When she went back to the bank they told her they were investigating it, but she also wanted to file a police report.

Someone found egg residue on their vehicle.

A startled woman told police a man allegedly came up to her vehicle window and said she owed his girlfriend $500 and if she didn’t pay it he was going to T-bone her next time he saw her.

The woman reportedly told officers she had bought and paid for the vehicle in full. Police spoke with both parties and counseled them about the civil issue.

A woman told officers she gave away her social security number to someone claiming to be with the “social security offices.” She was also asked about what bank she used. By this time, the woman may have wised up because she said she didn’t give her bank account number.

An employee on West Idaho Street was concerned about the welfare of a “homeless-looking” man seen in the alleyway over a few days. The man turned out to be “alive and well” and moved along.

Someone reported seeing an unresponsive woman in a vehicle parked in a school lot on Whitefish Stage. Police talked to the woman who was just tired and fell asleep.

A man calling from a store on Hutton Ranch Road reported running into someone “he had issues with in the past,” and “words were exchanged.”

He told police that two men had beaten him up in January, and, after running into the person from his past they allegedly spoke about “unfinished business.” The pair supposedly planned to meet up for “round two,” however, he claimed he did not do so and had no plans to fight.

A vehicle was cited for parking on a yellow painted curb in a turn lane.

Someone requested a welfare check on a young woman who purportedly seemed in bad shape and was asking for money in front of a store. The person said she looked like a homeless teenager and was “acting strange like she was on something.”

Someone allegedly spray painted the hallway outside someone’s room.

Someone may have been appalled when a man allegedly tried to sell them methamphetamine in front of a 10-year-old child to pay for a room on U.S. 93 South. They reportedly tried to counsel him on drug use in front of children. They claimed there were a few adults and a few 16-year-olds staying in the room.

A suspiciously large number of vehicles were gathering in a parking lot on First Avenue East North and someone claimed there was an ongoing issue of vehicles speeding or racing in the area. The wannabe “Fast and the Furious” extras “got the hint” when police cars pulled up and they began dispersing.

A man reportedly loaned his truck to a woman who he had a hunch she may have loaned it to her friend who allegedly is “a known drug user” so he reporting it stolen.

The tuck was supposedly tracked through his OnStar app and police caught up with the vehicle that was stopped and someone had the hood up and was working on it. A tow truck was called.

Someone allegedly woke up to a woman’s screams for help. When they knocked on her door to check things out, everything purportedly got quiet and a man said he was coming to the door, but never did.

Someone claimed there were “some strange things happening” regarding a possibly stolen vehicle they thought “was not to be there” and had been told to “keep an eye open.” The person claimed to have a picture of the vehicle and saw someone get in it.

A man called to report another man he thought was going to break into his vehicle because he was allegedly standing a tad too close to it and looking around to see if someone was watching. The suspicious man was asked him to leave and supposedly became belligerent. Police told the man he couldn’t go on the property or he would be trespassing.

A property owner told policy they would like to know about any noise complaints that were made because they were trying to sell the building and was allegedly told by a tenant nothing was done about a past noise complaint.

Police recovered a stolen silver Nissan Altima rental that was reportedly in a parking lot on Birchwood Court for more than 10 days. Keys were found in the vehicle and there was no visible damage. It appeared to be parked and abandoned.

Someone wanted to report a pickup that’s “been all over town” and supposedly heard people talking about the same vehicle driving recklessly and witnessed it speeding. Speed Racer was last seen eastbound on Sixth Street.

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