Man has questions about defending wife

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A Kalispell man was concerned his wife was going to “get jumped” by people she was out with. He asked Flathead County Sheriff’s Office if he found “these people beating his wife,” could he “defend her” without getting into trouble? Dispatchers advised him that they couldn’t advocate physical violence, nor could they guarantee there wouldn’t be consequences for his actions.

A Kalispell woman wanted to speak to an officer about a man who allegedly tried to run her over with a vehicle. While she did not want to pursue charges or file a report at the time, deputies advised her to seek a temporary restraining order regardless of her decision.

A man with a southern accent was allegedly yelling, screaming and arguing with a woman who was unloading groceries on Hutton Ranch Road when someone saw him push her to the side and into a truck and walked away. The man reportedly denied anything physical occurred and continued walking.

Someone on Main Street found a stolen camper attached to a vehicle behind a department store. The trailer was returned to its rightful owner.

Someone told deputies they almost hit a guardrail getting out of the way of a truck hauling an oversized trailer containing farm equipment that was too wide for a bridge.

A woman on U.S. 93 in Whitefish reportedly saw a man and woman in a vehicle with heroin and a syringe. She said the man had a bundle with a brown substance and a needle on his lap and she “startled them” when she told them to leave, which they did. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

Someone on Ponderosa Ridge Drive in Bigfork reported a gated entrance to the neighborhood was damaged and supposedly already knew one of the teens who lived there had something to do with it.

A Whitefish resident told deputies a “volatile” man started yelling, cussing and “being rude,” when she allegedly took pictures of him mowing her lawn and asked him about it. She feared he would retaliate for calling law enforcement and didn’t want to file charges or have officers contact the man, but wanted the information logged in case it happened again.

A woman on Reserve Drive in Kalispell asked a man, possibly an older teen, to slow down while driving past her home and he sped off, almost hitting her.

A vehicle was allegedly driving back and forth at 60 mph in Woodland Park.

A Chevy with an aluminum ladder rack was reported stolen on Fourth Street in Kalispell.

A woman spotted a Labrador and a border collie mix on her Echo Lake Road property in Bigfork chasing chickens and goats. An officer impounded the dogs and noticed a laceration on the Labrador’s eye, requiring a stop at the emergency veterinary clinic and stitches.

A Kalispell man requested information on obtaining a temporary restraining order on his ex and her brother, then the brother reportedly made threats against him and his employer. The brother allegedly is a registered violent offender.

A structure fire was reported on Terrace Drive in Columbia Falls when someone reported a shed on fire, which was catching trees on fire.

A man on Lost Creek Drive claimed he heard a woman from miles away yelling at the top of her lungs and saying “very odd things” for at least eight minutes. She allegedly said something about a green light being on and “I will kill you.” Officers were out with a woman in a ditch who purportedly said she left her residence so she wouldn’t get into a fight with her husband and had someone picking her up.

Someone was suspicious of three trucks allegedly driving up and down Swan Ridge Road and Sullivan Crossroad with no lights on. The person calling in the report said the trucks had parking lights on, but turned them off.

Three reportedly unsupervised children were running amok and breaking things in a Ninth Street store. An employee told Columbia Falls Police Department he believed the only item broken was a water bottle, which purportedly didn’t concern him. What concerned him was that there wasn’t a parent around and the two 10-year-olds and a 6-year-old were running inside the “beer cooler.” The girls were returned to their parents.

A Seventh Street resident told police a woman seemed “out of it” when she asked him what he was doing although she was in his yard. The woman refused medical attention, but was transported to North Valley Hospital.

A pit bull reportedly joined the last soccer practice of the season at Horine Park Fields when it was seen chasing kids and balls. Officers said they would do extra patrol and locate its owner to issue a dog-at-large warning.

Someone on Martha Road wanted to know when drinking and driving was considered child endangerment.

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