Woman asks police to do duck crossing detail

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A woman claimed she was told that an officer would assist a duck with ducklings cross the highway safely. She told Kalispell Police Department the duck and ducklings were crossing the road, which supposedly stopped traffic. She said the duck was “in distress trying to move the baby ducklings.” Once the ducklings were on First Avenue East she requested animal control respond to “help them get water.”

A young, possibly tagged, black bear was making the rounds in south Kalispell Saturday when it was sighted near homes, baseball fields, a dog park, motel and restaurant before being treed on Fifth Avenue East where Fish and Game set up a barrel trap.

A man, who reportedly paid for food he was eating in a store, said he was accused of shoplifting and pushed by a security guard.

A woman reported leaving her residence for a moment and when she returned purportedly heard footsteps and a door slam, but didn’t see anyone. She told police no one should be inside except a cat and waited in her car until an officer arrived.

Someone called to report a possible DUI when they noticed a truck swerving with a door cracked open. They supposedly followed it for about five miles until it stopped in a parking lot and a woman went into a bank. Officers waited for the woman to come out and then drove to the jail.

A man allegedly received fraudulent emails that he reportedly thought were sent from his boss’s account asking him to purchase $3,000 in eBay gift cards. He later received another email stating the emails were part of a scam. Unfortunately, he had purchased the cards and reportedly emailed the card numbers to the scammers. He was referred to a website to report the incident to the FBI and provided with an incident number.

Someone “just had a feeling” that a woman panhandling on the west side of U.S. 93 might be a victim of human trafficking and was being coerced to panhandle because “she was so young.” The woman reportedly told officers she was not being coerced.

A Two Mile Drive apartment dweller was allegedly “freaking out” when people heard him screaming and throwing items with the stereo turned “full blast.” The building manager reportedly tried contacting the tenant, who wouldn’t open the door.

A man told police his intoxicated daughter was “out of hand” and hit him so he hit her back. She left on foot and he believed she was heading home and he wanted to make sure she got a ride home.

A man refused to leave a bar and was loitering outside after he reportedly threatened employees.

A man was sleeping on a sidewalk on the north end of a building.

Someone found four mailboxes that were run over and a damaged vehicle parked nearby. The person calling in the report had a suspect in mind who might have run over the mailboxes and hit the parked car.

Someone thought there was something nefarious going on after allegedly finding a dead duck and goose in Woodland Park. They said the goose looked “yanked apart,” or like it was hit by a car. Officers did not see a goose when looking for the dead duck, but did see white sand bags. A duck was disposed of.

People allegedly shoplifting a welder got into an altercation with a customer as they attempted to steal a grill at a U.S. 93 store. One man left in a vehicle and the other on foot.

A man in the emergency room was reportedly spitting at people, trying to hit them and was throwing things. The man was cited for assault then released back into the care of medical personnel.

Someone wanted officers to check on a man lying in the road with a bike. The person calling in the report wasn’t sure if he had fallen off the bicycle and said he was difficult to understand and was possibly drunk. Officers said the man was uninjured, but extremely intoxicated. The man reportedly said he would “hang out for a bit then be on his way after getting his bearings.”

A man reported a sedan driving through his yard. The vehicle reportedly got stuck and then headed to, or onto, a soccer field. The man purportedly could hear “stuff smashing” in the area of the field although the vehicle was no longer in view. Police caught up with the vehicle and at least one female juvenile was returned to her parents.

Someone wanted police to pick up a man allegedly involved in an assault and “take him in.”

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