Life’s ‘terrific,’ extra patrol requested

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Someone on Beach Road in Bigfork requested extra patrol from the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office “just to keep the peace.” Other than that “things were terrific.”

A Brunner Road resident in Columbia Falls alleged a man was filling in a ditch with manure and wanted to know if that was legal.

A Parklane Drive resident in Evergreen found a black pig in their yard and told deputies it was headed toward West Evergreen Drive.

Not long after, deputies were out on Evergreen Drive with a woman who was looking for her pig Ollie. Ollie was found, rounded up and walked home safe and sound.

A man calling from U.S. 93 in Whitefish had questions about an possible indecent exposure issue with a homeowner, from whom he was renting a room. The man told deputies “he was just drying off on the deck after a shower,” and the homeowner said he was going to call law enforcement about it, so he wanted clarification “on the law here.”

A man calling in Whitefish claimed an older man in a pickup was turning onto Hodgson Road from the highway and almost hit him. The caller alleged the man was taking a drink of beer as he turned the corner and then parked at a tavern.

A woman with a real estate agent at a Middle Fork Lane property in Hungry Horse was reportedly unable to do a walk-through because a woman, who had supposedly been evicted, locked them out.

A Fir Lane resident in Columbia Falls was testing out a kid’s new bike when another man threw rocks at him and he wanted him arrested.

A man on Willow Glen Drive allegedly broke up with his girlfriend and said she assaulted him and broke items in his house and wanted her “trespassed” from his address.

Someone found two syringes in the grass near a boat launch in Kalispell.

An employee on U.S. 2 in Kalispell told deputies they refused to sell alcohol to a couple that were reportedly intoxicated, so they refused to leave the store. When they finally left, the employee requested they be “formally trespassed.” Officers caught up with the pair, who may have been camping on private property where multiple complaints of trespassing and squatting had been made. The duo claimed the police told them to camp there.

A man on Shadow Wood Drive in Columbia Falls reported his intoxicated landlord was driving up and down the street in front of his residence yelling.

A woman calling from Cascade Avenue in Bigfork was advised to call a veterinarian when she had questions regarding her cat that was purportedly foaming at the mouth after being bitten by a mouse and was not up to date on its vaccinations.

Two calls came in about cows lounging by a church on Montana 35 in Bigfork. The owner was aware and reportedly on the way to contain them.

A man wearing a varsity-style jacket allegedly grabbed a woman by the hair on U.S. 2.

A woman reportedly found a sickly old dog that was bleeding and had “green junk” coming out of its eyes and nose. She took it to the Columbia Falls Police Department where it was transported to the county animal shelter.

Someone on U.S. 93 thought it was strange when they happened upon three to four vehicles that had keys on top of the hoods, but didn’t see anyone around.

A resident on U.S. 2 in Kalispell told deputies someone was “lurking around the area,” possibly on a skateboard, and was supposedly “hunkered down in that building that was under construction across the street.” He was purportedly concerned there was “nefarious activity going on.”

Kids were reportedly engaged in criminal mischief when they threw eggs at someone’s vehicle on Montana 35 in Kalispell.

Someone claiming to work for Evergreen Water told officers they were headed to a lift station after an “alarm for vandalism” was set off near Montana 35. They reported bikes “littered all over the road” and that it appeared someone set a fire on the bike path, which was extinguished. They said people reportedly gained access to two control boxes.

An Olney airbnb owner told deputies he allegedly had to chase down and pull over a purported group of “drunk Canadians” renting the place to get back his “side by side” (an off-road utility vehicle) they were using without permission. He also stated he had to “protect his property,” from being burned down.

Someone on Montana 35 in Bigfork came home to find a stranger’s health insurance card by an open window where the screen had been removed.

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