Tidy yards must include neighbors, too

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A Columbia Falls resident called to complain about weeds and garbage in her neighbor’s yard, but a check of the property revealed no weeds or extremely long grass. There were children’s toys and bikes in the yard, according to the Columbia Falls Police Department. The caller’s main complaint was that she pays to have her yard cared for, but no one else does.

A person lost a driver’s license sometime after June 4 and called to see if anyone had turned it in. The police department didn’t have it. The caller said he’d check with the driver’s license office to determine his next step.

Someone said they witnessed a DUI incident where he saw a driver nearly hit some kids in a park. The vehicle had Nevada plates. The caller said she wanted to be a witness to the incident.

An Arizona driver admitted to backing into a Montana driver in a parking lot.

A man came to the police lobby to pick up his wife’s license, which she had been misplaced.

A woman called the Kalispell Police Department and wanted to report being “roofied” a month ago. She was counseled about what could be done about the situation.

Someone called about a very distressed dog left in a white car. The caller said the windows weren’t cracked, but the owners showed up a few minutes later and the dog was OK.

A caller said his fiancee had been threatened via text message by a person in Pierce County, Washington. The officer said authorities there would be contacted.

A man said his daughter told him that her mother and boyfriend showed up wearing blue hospital gloves and tried to get into the home, but failed. The father requested extra patrol while he was at work and it was suggested he get a temporary restraining order.

A mother said a someone in a black pickup truck, likely a teenager, mooned her and her child near the baseball fields. She said one of the occupants of the truck was a female and a young man in the back passenger side was the one that apparently had trouble keeping his britches up.

A shoplifting incident at a big box store left some of those involved in tears. A store employee said a blonde woman wearing a pink and white sun dress, black flip flops and head band was fighting with her after an alleged incident. When an officer spoke with the suspect, she said she bought items for another woman who was buying items for her. She said they had met to exchange the items and believed both had paid for their items. Asset protection couldn’t verify with certainty that any items had been paid for and the other woman took off. She was described as wearing a blonde wig, dark shirt and jeans. The woman was made to leave the store and she said she already knew about a warrant for her arrest in California. But the warrant didn’t call for her extradition, so it was her lucky day.

An underage drinker at the skate park, identified as having just finished eighth grade, was cited and released to his mother’s custody. He apparently was drinking from a container partially hidden in a beanie hat.

Two barking dogs disturbed the sleep of a woman. She said when she spoke to the neighbors who owned the offending canines, they were respectful, but she wasn’t satisfied that the problem had been resolved.

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