Stalker on a mission from ‘the government’

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An apparently intoxicated woman followed a driver and claimed that “the government” had told her to follow the driver, according to the Kalispell Police Department.

Someone wanted a man with a bald spot to move along because he was talking to himself and waving his hands around.

A man who was supposedly “fried” was hanging around and not permitted onto a bus.

A man came inside a business and made employees feel uncomfortable.

A man was seen taking a candy bar, putting it in his pocket and walking out of a store.

A man was heard yelling and seen holding a white paper bag.

Someone appeared to be slumped over the steering wheel at a gas station, but it turned out the driver was just having trouble starting the car.

A man who did not look like he “belonged there” was seen ducking in and out of yards.

A driver caused a minor accident while trying to dump coffee out while driving.

Someone called the police to report that she had lost an adjustable ring with three blue stones in it.

A box of staples was dropped on the highway.

Someone complained that his trash container had been knocked over. While there was no damage, he was upset that he had to pick it up and put the bags back into the container.

A woman who claims not to have been involved in a hit-and-run received a note on her car that read, “thanks for the hit and run.”

A man ran out of gas and was then told to leave the property where he had stopped.

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