Hit-and-run driver also made rude gesture

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A woman called Kalispell Police Department and said a man backed into her vehicle, got out, looked at the car, flipped her off and drove away. Police said they would attempt to get any video footage.

Someone was allegedly hiding in bushes. The individual possibly hid so well that police were unable to locate them.

A man brought out the binoculars for a closer look when he reportedly saw a youth standing on another’s shoulders and then shimmy up a pole while holding what he thought looked like a camera. The man said the youngster looked like he was tampering with a security camera and trying to get into an electrical box. The youth was purportedly charging their phone on the electrical box. They were moved along.

A shirtless, bearded man was spotted outside a fenced garden center “rocking back and forth really hard.” He was ordered to move along.

A man returned to a business where he had allegedly been kicked out, upset that a woman wouldn’t locate paperwork for him, and threatened to kill her. When he left, the woman went to the back of the building only to return to find the office had been broken into, her purse rifled through and $500 missing.

Someone supposedly just discovered that someone stole about $35,000 to $45,000 worth of pictures two summers ago.

A man allegedly returned to a store he had been “trespassed” from and proceeded to take food into the bathroom and eat it.

A man told police a woman broke into his home by ripping a window screen to gain entry. She was reportedly in a spare room refusing to leave.

A casino employee reported a homeless man sleeping in a sleeping bag with two shopping carts and a suitcase nearby.

A generator was reported stolen from an RV, damaging the hatch door.

A woman was yelling in the background while someone called police, saying she was not being cooperative when they asked her to wait outside for a meal. Eventually, she was escorted out and advised not to return to any more community dinners.

A woman told police an intoxicated man showed up at her residence, allegedly yelling if he had a gun he would shoot her, and threw an item against the wall. She gathered her belongings and left with her children.

Someone was suspicious of a man allegedly watching children’s classes at a studio although he did not have a child in the program, nor was he interested in signing up for a class when asked. The man was moved along.

Three men were seen fighting in a field by train tracks. Police caught up with a man and two women, who said there was no physical altercation or criminal activity going on.

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