“Sue” happily reunited with his owner

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A male Pomeranian and Yorky mix named Sue was reported missing to the Columbia Falls Police Department. It had super long hair and a large red and black halter. Eventually, the animal was returned to its grateful owner.

Someone reported another purple ant was painted on the south side of the Uptown Hearth building.

A man requested more police patrols in his neighborhood after some fireworks had been set off the last few nights. He said it was illegal to ignite them and he was correct.

A man eating next door wandered into a Kalispell business because the front door was unlocked, despite the sign indicating it was closed. The caller said there was a transient man sleeping on the bench outside the location. The owner arrived quickly to lock the door.

Another transient man was found laying between two gas pumps. He had blood around his mouth and ears and it appeared he had been beat up. An ambulance took him to the hospital.

Someone had questions regarding Child and Protective Services, drugs and their “baby momma.”

Someone who tried to remove a motorhome from a location allegedly couldn’t get into it because it was full of stolen items, bicycles and Coke displays.

A man was concerned that a truck and trailer with a dragging chain would start a fire.

A casino employee said a man was being disorderly and yelled at her about looking for his wife or girlfriend in the bathroom. She told police the man, the woman and people working on two vehicles in the parking lot may all possibly be on drugs.

A man claimed two men in a car parked on Oregon Street were dealing drugs because there were a lot of people walking by who were “taking turns going into the car,” that had supposedly been parked there for more than four hours.

An employee reportedly found a wallet containing drugs and when a woman claimed the wallet, they gave her the ID back and kept the drugs for police to pick up.

A woman’s boyfriend allegedly threw her onto the ground and she didn’t feel safe.

A man told police he believed people living on Third Street West were knocking on his door and threw a rock at his house.

A woman hiding in a bedroom said a person who looked like they were wearing a mask was trying to get into her house and was pulling on the door. She then said it looked like they set something on her lawn, which was sparking and thought it could be a firework.

Someone told police they saw two boys, possibly 12 years old, in a parking lot on First Avenue West. The person said they weren’t doing anything wrong, but “thought it was strange for kids to be out this early,” oh, and they were also seen lighting up cigarettes.

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