Family man describes rocky afternoon

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A man and his family were sitting in the living room on Saturday afternoon when he saw four to six young men walk by who allegedly threw rocks at the door. He told Kalispell Police Department he recognized one of the individuals.

The driver of a pickup with four kayaks in the back was reportedly putting the paddle to the pedal when they were seen driving through red lights, heading northbound on Main Street.

An employee on Second Avenue West saw a man by a stop sign who was rolling around. They thought he might be on drugs because he didn’t look injured. Police were out with the man who appeared to be “extremely intoxicated,” was being uncooperative and refused help.

A woman reported losing her phone at an “authentic Mexican restaurant,” and didn’t recall the name. She called back to report finding it.

An elderly man allegedly drove over a sidewalk and parked in an area with caution tape and could not figure out how to get out, so the person calling in the report “let him out.”

A man was about to provide information about an unwanted guest to dispatchers when they heard a second person in the background possibly yell “nooo.” The man then said “don’t worry about it,” and gave information, “but not very willingly.” The man didn’t want police to respond and said the unwelcome guest was gone.

Someone got on a bus on First Avenue East and said a man who also got on was making them uncomfortable. The person was concerned they were being followed when he reportedly got off the bus at the same stop as they did on Third Avenue East North. He was purportedly pounding his fist into his hand and staring.

The alleged creepiness continued when the person shopped at a store and returned to the bus stop where he “was there waiting.” When they attempted to ask for help from a passerby, who was on the phone, he left. The person claimed this wasn’t the first time this happened.

A woman told police there was an issue with the neighbor’s cat tearing up property. She wanted to know if she could catch the cat and take it to a shelter.

A woman had questions about barking dogs and her rights as a pet owner, specifically the definition of “undue” in a city ordinance.

Someone working at a location reported a guest advised them about a man by the dumpsters who was reportedly attempting to stick himself with a needle and smelled of marijuana.

Someone reported their gray Nissan truck was stolen and purportedly watched it leaving northbound on Third.

A woman reported three young “clearly intoxicated” and loud males, possibly teenagers or older, walk up and down the street.

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