Manhole pops sound like gunshots

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Some family members called the Kalispell Police Department to report gunshots that they heard from either the east or west side of their house. Perhaps it was none of the above, because there is a loose manhole cover near the house that makes a “loud popping noise” when cars drive over it.

Someone reported that he was having serious troubles with his phone when he called police in an attempt to contact the president.

A suspicious woman discarded several packages of meat under a tree.

A man at an automobile repair shop was yelling at no one.

Two suspicious men were reported sitting at a picnic table playing cards and were asked to move along.

Someone reported that there was a “supposed party.”

A few teenagers were reportedly playing loud music and hitting garbage cans.

It was easy for law enforcement to determine that an erratic driver was inebriated because there were beer cans falling out of his vehicle all over the road.

Someone heard suspicious, angry voices and a loud noise, but it could not be determined if the noises were simply coming from the television.

A volunteer digging in a garden uncovered numerous sets of keys and brought them to police.

A handful of dogs were running loose in a complex with a “no dogs allowed” sign.

Someone was concerned because law enforcement showed up while he was picking his daughter up from the pool and he thought that the police had taken a picture of his truck.

A woman gave her boyfriend permission to use her vehicle to pick up some family members, but she called the police to check on him nonetheless.

A truck with an “extremely long” utility trailer was running for about three hours in a parking lot while the driver was purportedly “trying to rest before getting back on the road” with a significantly lighter gas tank.

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