The case of the mysterious Mustang

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A man told Kalispell Police Department a Mustang he reported stolen from a place where he had parked it and left it for five days due to a flat tire, had purportedly reappeared in the same spot with the tire fixed, the steering column “ripped open” and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle, and he couldn’t explain why. He supposedly broke a window to get inside and was going “to try and get the vehicle out of there,” but was advised to wait for officers. He reportedly didn’t want to file a report, just wanted police to know “he would be back to clean up the glass” and would get the car in the morning.

A man told officers he allegedly kicked his wife in the face accidentally when he was aiming for his friend, who was hanging out, but became obnoxious. The man wanted officers to remove the friend from the residence because he refused to leave. All parties were said to be intoxicated.

A man was purportedly “having issues with his lady friend.” They supposedly got into a verbal argument, “that really wasn’t much of a verbal argument,” and he “willingly went outside” when she locked him out, but he had a key. Parties refused to separate.

An 11-year-old reported his grandma for allegedly slapping his hands when he “got in trouble” while using the computer.

Someone stole a softball bag, aluminum softball bat, cleats and gloves out of a vehicle.

Someone reported a “thunderstorm in progress” and a soggy dog tied up in front of a store.

A man told police that someone damaged their semi, stole the batteries, and “took levers.” The person said there were “pieces lying on the frame and wires cut.”

A man’s ex allegedly came to his residence yelling, tried to take his phone, bit him multiple times and tried to grab his gun from a cupboard.

A night manager requested extra patrol after someone tried to steal forklifts.

Someone didn’t care for the “whooping and hollering” going on at a “big party” and wanted officers to get them to quiet down for the night.

Someone had questions about a neighbors dog “exclusively using their yard as a bathroom.”

A man wearing a fedora, with a weapon strapped to his belt, reportedly ran away after shoplifting a box of granola bars from a store on U.S. 2 in Kalispell. He was seen with a woman who was shoving items in a purse, according to a report called in to Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.

A Kalispell woman told deputies that a man reportedly shows up at her window, calls her name and threatens to hurt her for ignoring him.

Someone calling from Third Avenue in Hungry Horse reported two men showed up to start a fight.

Vehicles were found parked in spots designated for boats, forcing boat trailers to park on the highway.

A man and woman were reported hitting each other on Montana 83 in Bigfork.

Someone alleged that a boat pulled up near a residence on Angel Point and a baby was dangling off the end of the boat and not wearing a life jacket.

A resident on Montana 35 in Kalispell said an unfamiliar vehicle pulled up to his driveway and the occupants dug through his mailbox. He said there were still pieces of mail in the box after they left and that he had video footage of the incident.

A man, who came out of the Bob Marshall Wilderness after a backpacking trip, alleged a guide left a group’s packs and stuff” behind and wanted to know how to get the items out. He reportedly attempted to contact the outfitting company and the ranger district, but hadn’t heard back. He was supposedly told the packs had to be out of there within a couple or days and he had “no idea how to do this.”

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