Road rage ensues on Kalispell streets

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A caller told the Kalispell Police Department a black Ford Ranger was driving like a maniac, had cut off several vehicles and flipped him the bird.

Someone said a dog was running in her neighborhood.

A caller said a driver in a vehicle with Wisconsin license plates nearly hit her in the parking lot.

Someone said there were two people walking near the water park an checking on car door and looking in windows. An officer didn’t see anyone upon arrival.

A woman said someone stole her mountain bike, but she wasn’t sure when it happened. The bike was a Genesis RCT with 27.5 inch tires, charcoal gray and green in color.

A caller said she gave out the last four numbers of her Social Security number to someone she thought was with the cable company.

A woman who was reported missing by the Missoula Police Department was located. The dispatcher said there was a record of the person living on Airport Road.

Someone who rented a room in the residence thought she heard a sound like a cat outside. She requested extra patrols in her neighborhood.

A van with Florida plates had parked in a disabled space, according to a caller. The vehicle also contained a dog, which didn’t look too great and was panting. The van drove away a few minutes later.

Two people were parked in a tan Jeep on the east side of the gas station. The man seemed drunk and was yelling at the young woman in the vehicle. When an officer checked on them, he learned that they were arguing over cigarettes and car trouble, but everything was OK.

Privacy can be elusive as one couple found out when someone called the cops on them. They were on the playground next to the tennis courts. They did move along.

A food vendor getting ready for the fair had the law called on him because he was using a flashlight after dark.

A good Samaritan discovered an open garage and stood by until it could be locked.

Someone reported a man who appeared to be drunk was casing homes and urinating in bushes in the neighborhood.

A person was concerned that a child could climb under a camper on blocks because it could fall on a youth.

Someone said she believed people living in a camper in front of her residence should be in an RV park. It was tagged for being an unattached trailer.

A man called the Columbia Falls Police Department because he wanted to know how long he had to wait for his baby momma to wake up to take custody of their child. He said according to the parenting plan, she was supposed to get the child today and he didn’t want to get in trouble for just leaving the kid.

Someone was concerned about the possibility of a woman being scammed out of $50,000 by a man claiming to be her son. When an officer investigated, he learned it wasn’t a scam and the woman was the man’s mother.

A gluteus maximus dial turned out to be a mistake, according to the dispatcher, and everything was OK.

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