Pet goose goes wild at local lake

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The Kalispell Police Department received complaints that a woman took her pet goose swimming in a lake and it attacked and bit several children. She explained the goose couldn’t wear his harness because he was shedding. The parent of one of the children asked her to leave, but she apparently refused and “went back out to swim with the goose in the lake.” The caller was informed that geese can’t transmit rabies and the incident doesn’t violate state law or county ordinance. But the police advised, “she cannot harbor a goose in the city limits of Kalispell.”

Someone needed help freeing a cat from a trap.

Someone called the police concerned she had left a gun in her ex-boyfriend’s possession when she moved away from Kalispell.

Someone called the police on behalf of her sister. She said her father was “pulling her hair and being mean to her.”

A woman reported someone was in her driveway for the second night in a row but there didn’t appear to be anyone there.

A man with a hat and suitcase was talking to himself in a mirror.

A teenage driver was “doing broadies” repeatedly in a parking lot.

The Columbia Falls Police Department received a call about three dogs left in a vehicle. Although it was a convertible and the owner didn’t seem concerned, one dog was nonresponsive.

A driver apparently hit a bicyclist. The biker wasn’t injured and denied a request for an ambulance, but one was sent to him anyway.

A man was upset about a backpack he left at a car wash. He didn’t appear to have any weapons, but he did have a walking stick. The police reportedly deployed a taser.

Three individuals outside a business were asked to take their alcoholic beverages back inside.

A transient man was wandering around, acting belligerent while wearing a “large hunting” knife strapped to his shoulder.

Someone was concerned about the noise ordinance in Columbia Falls. A construction crew was apparently having trouble with their equipment but promised they would quiet down once they figured out the maintenance issues.

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