Odd evidence — signs of the times?

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Someone calling from Country Way South in Kalispell told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office someone allegedly took down signs on a section of the road that had served as an old easement, but has been blocked for years, and left behind a hatchet and a “Trump hat.”

A teen was reportedly assaulted by five girls at a party on Browns Meadow Road in Kila. The girls allegedly hit her with their fists and stole her phone.

Someone in Bigfork allegedly saw a man passed out in a van with a needle in his arm.

A woman calling from Hodgson Road in Columbia Falls was suspicious about a man with scarred arms who showed up on her property and asked for scraps out by her garage and began asking a lot of questions about her life such as how many people lived there. The man then supposedly drove past her house a couple of more times.

A man on Evergreen Drive reported an ax and sledgehammer were missing from his yard.

A woman on Montana 35 in Kalispell got a strange feeling about a man who was staring at her and got out of his vehicle, following her as she walked from her vehicle by a gas pump into the store. When she walked back, the man supposedly got into his vehicle and “crept by,” so her boyfriend “gestured for the man to leave.”

A tourist calling from Ashley Lake Road was displeased with a lodging proprietor, alleging when they got to the location, the owner’s dog jumped on them and the owner started saying “harassing things” to their wife and then “kicked them both out.”

Someone on Somers Road claimed to receive a “threatening phone call” from a man who purportedly said “Stormy Daniels is dead.”

A man on Soaring Pines Trail in Kalispell told officers he believed he killed a bat with a BB gun. The bad had reportedly flown into a patio area and was in a corner of the ceiling.

A woman in Kalispell gave deputies the name of a man she believed punched and broke the windshield on her vehicle while it was parked at a fishing access point.

A Kalispell woman, who reportedly had been drinking, put on her bathing suit and seemed hell-bent on a night of swimming in the river when her husband called around 11 p.m., alleging she had been going on about it for about two hours and was trying to convince their son to take her. Dispatchers heard her screaming in the background. She alleged her husband was abusing her and refusing to let her leave on top of having an asthma attack. He reportedly thought she had an alcohol abuse problem. Things eventually calmed down.

A woman parked on Hutton Ranch Road in Kalispell allegedly kicked a man out of her vehicle, but then locked herself out. Someone parked next to the pair told deputies they were yelling and screaming at each other and the man refused to leave her alone. Although they didn’t separate, things calmed down, according to the caller. A tow truck was called and the man gathered his stuff and went on his merry way.

Two white “puffy dogs” were heard barking on Empire Loop in Kalispell.

Possibly two vehicles were allegedly vandalized on Conrad Drive when someone discovered broken mirrors, dents and scratches.

A man on U.S. 2 called officers wanting them to tell another man to leave them alone. The caller alleged the man drove by his house and “gave him the birdie.” The caller said the man went up to his mother at a store, telling her he owed him $10,000 and if “he didn’t pay up he was going to find someone to beat him up.”

Two teens were allegedly shooting handguns across a river in Columbia Falls.

A man, who reportedly didn’t know his address on Appleway Drive, called Kalispell Police Department to report that he “went to get a burger and came home to find his blender missing,” and items stolen from outside his door.

Someone heard screaming in the area, possibly from Woodland Park. Someone, possibly an officer, spoke with a couple of “males who appeared out of the bushes,” and then talked to someone in a vehicle who reportedly said there were kids goofing off and that nothing was out of the ordinary.

A woman told officers people were running through her yard and claimed “they were scoping the neighborhood again.” The woman wanted the information logged because she supposedly knew someone in the neighborhood had a bicycle stolen recently.

Someone reported a fuel line was cut on a truck and gas stolen.

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